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  1. This seals the deal that the Bills will be on hard knocks next year. No doubt about it. Circus.
  2. I'm cautiously optimistic on Amaro going into next year. I know Chan's offense doesn't utilize TE's but Amaro is more of a big possession receiver than a TE. Everyone's down on the guy but he did lead all rookie TE's in receptions with Geno as QB in a horrible offense. Gailey has done a good job utilizing the talent on this team not just Decker and Marshall. I'm hopeful he'll do the same with Amaro.
  3. I'd really like to see Marcus Williams incorporated more in the defense next year. He's just a ball hawk who's coverage skills really improved. Can't keep for at $8 mill and he could really be the guy to step in a replace him. I would also really prefer to keep Ivory and Powell at the right price but it's time to bring in a young dynamic rb Ivory and Powell both just get dinged up too much and we really need a solid third option that could hopefully takeover the starting role in 2017.
  4. I agree the defender made a nice play but I also thought Fitz may have floated that ball up there a little too long. If Fitz threw a little more of a line drive type pass I think it definitely would've been caught
  5. I'm not trying to make a Rex vs. Bowles or Macc Vs. Idzik/Tanny comparison. All I'm saying is that the overall attitude of the organization has really changed from one that seemed a bit complacent with losing to one that expects more. I think the org. has a done a good job of changing the mindset quickly. Will a lead to a Super Bowl? Only time will tell but the point was I like the direction and much more professional approach this organization has taken. Let's be honest, the rest of the AFC East was probably laughing at 8-8 celebration.
  6. Tanny obviously had two great years with the Jets but in my mind he just hasn't proven he knows how to scout talent and build a consistent winner. The Jets two good years were built from free agency and bringing high priced players in addition to trading down to get Mark Sanchez. Sure we had guys like Revis, Mangold, etc... but I'm not confident he played a major role in those picks. The guy may be able get you a couple of exciting years through free agency but like what happened in NY it's only a matter of time before you're in cap hell and have no young cheap talent to fill roles.
  7. Losing this week sucked and will definitely make watching the playoff this week tough to swallow. However, just wanted to post a little reminder of how far we've come. Looking back, you can see why we were viewed as such a circus celebrating a meaningless win to get us to 8-8 just two years ago. Even our owner seems to have a much different attitude about expectations. http://www.newyorkjets.com/videos/videos/Jets-Locker-Room-Exclusive---Rex-Retained-as-Coach/ac9d869a-d78d-410a-b819-055f06ccf75c
  8. Sounds like they want to promote the OC who they were concerned was going to leave. With all the openings in the league wouldn't be surprised if Lovie gets another job he's a well respected coach
  9. I agree that the talent wasn't there but it just seems as if he made no adjustments and throughout the year our Special Teams really never got better and April never made any adjustments to mask the lack of talent. When you're basically last in the league in specials and it cost you (possibly) a couple of wins changes had to be made. At the same time, I agree Macc needs to start addressing the talent.
  10. Our special teams really affected both sides of the ball that can't be underestimated. Our offense was constantly backed up and forced to march down the field while our poor punting and tackling on specials left us always defending a shorter field. Good luck to Bobby as it sounds like he's a well respected coach but this was a move that had to be made and really speaks volumes to Bowles no nonsense attitude towards winning.
  11. My biggest takeaway is how much better some of our players looked under the new regime. Guys like Powell, Pryor, Enunwa to name a few looked like hot garbage under Rex. This year they looked like th could be players in this league. Especially Enunwa he was raw coming into the league but could be a weapon with another year of training camp under his belt. The loss Sunday sucked but I agree big picture we're disappointed over a 10 win season when just two years ago we were celebrating 8-8. Sure we spent money in the offseason but there's just no substitute for bad drafts. Truth is coming off this year th expectations will only be bigger next year. Making this a huge offseason for Macc and Bowles.
  12. I've heard this out of him the last few days but it is still refreshing to hear him fully acknowledge his need to grow and learn from this season. Sounds like he did recognize some of his mistakes that he needs to build and learn from. But hey no coach is perfect especially a rookie head coach.
  13. We desperately need another young running back. Love ivory and Powell but they're just too fragile to be counted in its time to finally invest a draft pick on that position. I'm not saying to reach on a first rounder because I don't believe in doing so on the running back position but we need really need a young reliable back
  14. Reported ankle injury missing his third practice this week. Officially questionable for Sunday. Could Ridley fill his shoes if needed?
  15. Bilal's been great and has really helped the offense immensely, but has proven to be slightly injury prone and fragile which is why I would avoid kick returns right now.
  16. I have him on my fantasy team and I'm playing in the championship Sunday so for personal reasons I'm hoping the suspension gets overturned. Although to be fair, he definitely deserves to be suspended his actions were way out of control
  17. Who's the classy team in NY now? The Jets coach Todd Bowles in a huge game not only for the city of NY but the obvious playoff implications that go along with it sat his best defensive player for a quarter because he was reportedly late for a meeting. Coughlin on the otherhand, has a player launching at people, starting fights, and getting personal fouls on the field and the Coach's excuse is basically "I was trying to win a football game" ....Just Saying
  18. He's been a pleasant surprise, not to beat a dead horse but it's amazing how well some guys are playing under the new regime. Williams and Pryor have both been pleasant surprises, Bilal Powell looks like a completely different player. It's also great to have Williams stepping up because with out cap situation and the need to re-sign some guys (Mo Wilk.) in the offseason it would be in our best interest to be able to cut Cro. and that salary and put Williams in that #2 spot.
  19. The way the Bills have looked this year should actually help Marrone get another job in the future. He can now say look what happened to the Bills after I left with virtually the same team. May not have looked good at the time with Marrone not landing a HC job but in the long run this may work out great for him especially considering he's doubling up on paychecks with the Bills and Jags.
  20. Holding on the Pats never called. Guy grabbed Watt's jersey before the b.s. roughing the passer.
  21. The difference between Gailey and the three previous OC's under Rex is that he's adjusted the offense based on the talent available as well the QB's limitations. i felt in the past our OC's were basically just running the offense they're familiar with without any regard to the talent on the team and the QB. In game adjustments have been huge too, Fitz was getting killed by the Giants D-Line in the first half but the proper adjustments were made which led to a much more productive offense in the second half.
  22. Is this only thing the NY beat writers have to write about? I saw an article today from Mehta on the same subject. Is he the same player he was 5 years ago? No of course not but he''s still a damn good CB and worth the money based on what the this team was trotting out there the last couple of seasons. What people fail to understand is that when you don't have an Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson eating up $20mm a year in cap space you can afford to allocate cap space in other areas.
  23. A team we should beat but definitely shouldn't underestimate. Another good test for this team as well as our rookie head coach coming off a huge win against a 2 win team I'd be really disappointed to see them come out flat in this one.
  24. Dumb move by Colon but I still think it was a bad penalty by the refs. I posted this in the game thread and I'll say it here. This is not Pee Wee football, tensions are high and not only was this a big game for NY but a big game for both teams in regards to playoff implications. I understand the refs were trying to keep control but in that situation I really feel that Colon should've been given a warning and we move on. You can't let that kind of stuff decide a game and that was a big penalty.
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