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  1. Sean Lee is a beast and their defense isn't bad but other than that it's a game we should win but this team hasn't been consistent enough to take any game for granted.
  2. As others have said Powell was sorely missed and proved to be an underutilized player under our past regime. The guy is an elusive player and a great athlete. These are the types of players you need in the league to be successful. His speed should open up the running game for us as well.
  3. Said the same thing our IR'ed lineman says one thing on the sidelines it's a penalty Odell takes hi helmet off on the field, JPP clubs our O-lineman, hands to the face all day not one call #manningrules
  4. I'd rather make sure they run the right play then worry about a few yards it was still first down regardless
  5. ridiculous penalty call what is this pop warner? Colon's an idiot but the ref needs to give a warning there and move on
  6. Mo in the game now and needs to bring the fire JPP is bringing, LET'S GO!!
  7. Where's Decker? Need to start getting him some touches
  8. make a statement now and come right back down the field for a TD Giants D is not good.
  9. I don't care it its his fault or not heads need to roll and April needs to be fired at halftime
  10. Marcus WIlliams has been great when he plays, but the key point is WHEN HE PLAYS. He's proven to be a bit fragile with a lot of injuries this season. Really andd\ I'm stating the obvious here but it would be nice if McDougle or Milliner could step up. Not saying either one needs to be the next Revis but step up to be a reliable 2-3 option
  11. Man, the Revis concussion is a lot bigger deal than I thought he's definitely not playing this week.
  12. did anyone else see Volmer grab the arm of the d-lineman on that TD pass? Should've been holding
  13. I think we should take a look at Zach Mettenberger in the offseason. I know the Titans went and drafted Marriotta but I just think they felt they had to with his talent level. He played well last year. I wouldn't be apposed to getting rid of Geno, resigning Fitz, signing Mettenberger, keeping Petty and just letting them battle it out for the starting job.
  14. Exactly you fix special teams with depth and good drafting in the middle rounds.
  15. Dolphins are a bad team but so are we right now. This game also scares me because we can just never beat these guys twice in a season.
  16. I pretty much covered all those points but the reality is, Ivory runs better when given a lot of carries and a chance to wear down defenses. You don't have the luxury to keep running the ball when you're playing from behind.
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