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  1. Thinking about how much the running game has fallen off lately it got me thinking. This team has constantly been playing from behind with the slow starts which in my opinion is greatly affecting our ability to run the ball well. I know Colon getting hurt and Mangold being in and out combined with Fitz not playing as well is definitely a factor but I think the slow start is something thats not being talked about enough. Ivory is a bruiser who wears d-lines down and has been much more successful in the second half. Knowing that, we need to get off to better starts which in turn would allow us to stick with the running game and dictate our offense. Just a thought that in my opinion, has been overlooked.
  2. I don't know whats going on with Milliner right now however, he was playing very good football before getting hurt last year. I wouldn't rely on him but with the aging CB's I'd hate to let him go right now. We have the luxury of letting him and Mcdougale sit back and learn. I know Milliner's been in the league now for 3 years but he's talented and only 24 years old I think he'll get a shot at some point.
  3. He's getting open which makes me think its a confidence thing. Especially considering he didn't drop a lot of passes in college. Wouldn't mind seeing Chan try to get the guy a few easy short yard catches just to get his confidence back.
  4. Everyone getting on Bowles for his lack of intensity on the sidelines. I'd rather have the even keeled nature than the embarrassment of Rex throwing his headset like he just lost the Super Bowl
  5. this all looks so familiar.
  6. He's whimp who won't stay in there and take a hit.
  7. There's the Rex Defense I remember, can't hold on those two minute drives ever.
  8. That's true and part of that is due to the fact that he has no Dion Lewis or Edleman to throw it to. Also allows you to put more guys on Gronk
  9. Injuries might be catching up with the Pats for once, they don't look like right at all.
  10. I think what this year has shown is that the roster was just terrible and in need of a complete overhaul. While we had a lot of cap space and made some nice moves to keep this team competitive, the reality is you can't fix 6 years of bad drafting and personnel decisions in 1 year. Not making excuses for this regime but I'm trying to be fair. The moves made in the offseason were short term band aid moves to appease the fans for 4 terrible years of football, a sustainable winning team needs to be built through the draft with complimentary free agents. Unfortunately, that's going to take some time.
  11. I don't think we should cut bait but it's definitely time to rebuild the O-Line and start investing some higher draft picks. Our current young backups are not the future, we need guys who can step in and takeover. Which is why this was always going to be a multi-year rebuild with a band aid offseason signing the guys we did.
  12. This, our corners haven't played as well as expected but some of that blame needs to be placed on the D-Line. Our defensive scheme is dictated a lot on getting QB pressure so your force the QB into mistakes and turnovers and our D-line has just not done that without blitzing.
  13. Even when this team was winning early in the year they were starting off slow. The fact that Bowles and the coaching staff hasn't been able to correct this at all is concerning and to be honest has cost us a couple of wins. We can talk about dropped passes and bad special teams but the reality is, we don't have the QB or the team build to continuously be coming back from behind. We could've and should've beat the Bills as well as the Texans if we played qtrs 1-3 the same way we played the 4th. Its frustrating and should've been corrected a long time ago. I did hear some fire and anger from Bowles' press conference yesterday after the game so hopefully that show's up in practice this week and obviously in the game as well.
  14. I'm rooting against Rex sorry I loved him when he was here but I do not want to see him in the playoffs this year.
  15. Exactly, I think this is a point being missed by many especially considering the Jets are trying out kickers this week. It's definitely possible Bowles was not confident in Bullock and thought the team had a better chance converting the first downs then kicking FG's there. If the Jets took the field goals and he missed everyone would be screaming around here about going for it and being aggressive especially when you just signed a kicker off the street less than a week ago.
  16. I thought maybe Wynn could be valuable on Specials as a returner but guess not. With the injuries it may be tough to keep a specialist like that on the roster anyway.
  17. Getting this guy back from suspension this week. Not trying to overrate the guy and if we're relying on him we have bigger problems but reality is he was a good blocker that can hopefully help our running game
  18. My bad haven't had my coffee yet. That comment should be reversed. We need the Pats to beat the Bills
  19. Don't like Edelman, I think he's a major douche. But realistically we need the Pats to beat the Bills so let's hope this doesn't have any effect on that game.
  20. If the Giants win, even better chance they beat up Rex's Bills next week...No way they lose two in a row.
  21. This offseason was a perfect storm, the team was awful the last few years and Idzik left a ton of money on the table salary cap wise. Mac was hired with the plan to field a competitive team, spend money and make the fans happy. That's why Revis and Cro were back, I'm not sure if you gave Mac, Woody and Bowles truth serum they would say they really expect a Super Bowl this year. The team was a mess last year, to me the plan was to build a competitive, exciting team through free agency this year while building through the draft with young talent. Mac's been great but his job so far has been easy with all the money left to spend. Going forward is when we really see what kind of GM we have through a few more drafts and free agencies. Can he and Bowles build a SUSTAINABLE, COMPETITIVE TEAM year after year? That's what I'm looking forward to.
  22. Exactly, this part I think is being missed. We just signed a kicker off the street and the announcers kept talking about how windy the stadium was in the 4th qtr. I think part of the decision making was the fact that he wasn't confident in our kicker yet. That's not anything against Bulluck but again, this guy was out of the league a week ago. Rightfully so, Bowles thought we had a better shot at converting.
  23. I just think this team is a better than they've played. To put it in perspective we had New England followed by a good Raider team in Oakland followed by a Jax win and then Rex's Super Bowl on short rest with a big part of our core beat up and either not playing or playing hurt. I realize every team has injuries but I really do believe we caught the Bills at the worst time. They were getting healthy with Watkins and Mccoy back and we were beat up. Let's see how this team comes out next week after a nice 10 day break to heal.. Let's get Pryor back, Mangold healthy, Decker gets to rest his knee, Ivory rests his hammy, Marshal gets better. I mean we don't just have injuries we have key players playing hurt. I'm really thinking positive down the stretch run
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