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  1. Can we bring Westy back to get our ST's on track? Devin Smith's fumble was obviously a killer and ST's have been bad all year. Even
  2. Let's also be honest. Rex just won his Super Bowl they'll go 2-5 the remainder of the year.
  3. This was a 4-12 team last year, he's a rookie coach with a lot to learn but I'm still feeling good he's going to learn a lot from this.
  4. Our remaning schedule is not that tough. I actually think we match up well against the Giants with their one dimensional offense and we should beat the Titan and Texans. Dolphins are always tricky and we always find a way to split with them so that's a big game. Cowboys will be so far out of it by the time we play them they may sit Romo. We can win the next 5 in a row and then we're in great shape. Take these 10 days get Marshall, Pryor, Decker and Ivory healthy and let's go!!! This Bills game was always going to be tough with a short week and all our injuries and we still should've won. I think we're still a good team and this 10 day break couldn't come at a better time.
  5. Calvin Pace with a huge smile on his face giving Rex a hug. Cut his ass tonight let him go play for Rex.
  6. Calvin Pace with a huge smile on his face giving Rex a hug. Cut his ass tonight let him go play for Rex.
  7. Rex's Superbowl they won't win another game all year
  8. Decker is the key man, Marshall is our #1 but Decker's 1A and we win when he plays well.
  9. that drive needs to breath some life back in this team, big 3 and out here! C'mon plenty off time left!!
  10. Bobby April might need to go this ST has been absolutely atrocious.
  11. I think the jury's still out on this guy. I like what he's done and we really needed the anti-Rex here after the "circus" However, we can't lose sight in the fact that he was given a completely new and much more talented roster than Rex probably ever had while here. We have to remember he's a rookie coach who's going to make mistakes and he's learning on the job. I like what I've seen but not ready to anoint him like we did with 'Mangenius" and Rex. In game adjustments I agree are hit or miss, what's more concerning to me is the team tends to come out of the gate flat every week. On the flip side, this is a much more disciplined team.
  12. Agreed, getting something out of the running game is going to be key. Fitz is solid but he's not going to win us the game with his arm alone. The running game and defense are huge this week.
  13. I think he's a different QB now. Knows his strengths and weaknesses, much more experienced, doesn't have the pressure of the huge contract.
  14. Rex is a great defensive coach so I'm not trying to bash the guy but it seems he was more concerned with playing to the stats. Meaning, he wanted to boast about being the #1 ranked defense and to get there is by total yards and points. Bowles seems way more willing to take chances on defense which has definitely led to big plays but the alternative is these defense has become a lot more opportunistic and is getting turnovers. Some have already said it and I agree, in today's NFL you're going to give up big plays its inevitable. I think being able to win the turnover battle is much more important.
  15. I think you can view this league wide to be honest. Beyond the top tier and undefeated teams you have a lot of above average teams beating up on the bad teams. I agree we need to out there and beat a good team but I wouldn't view this just under the microscope of the Jets.
  16. Agreed and I don't mean it to come out that way but with everyone talking about the short week and all the injuries I thought it could also be spun in the other direction. With all the NFL injuries however, I don't agree with the divisional matchups on Thursday nights. I know the NFL is trying to make those games more important but these games are just too important especially as the year goes on. Football is a goldmine you don't have to put big games on Thursday nights to get ratings.
  17. Sure, injuries are a concern and you'd rather not have to play Buffalo without Mangold and Pryor but looking ahead this team is banged up and could really use this mini bye. Don't forget B. Marsh is playing hurt, Decker's playing hurt and so is Skrine. So looking ahead let's find a way to win at home and rest these guys up for the home stretch.
  18. You gotta give Dee another shot, he was playing before he got hurt and we'll need a replacement for Cro next year. I don't think he should be 100% relied on but you gotta start working him in and see what you got.
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