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  1. The guy we missed out on was Bridgewater. He's looking better and better and we could've easily had him at 18 or possible traded down to that 32nd pick to get him we had 12 picks that year and did nothing
  2. That was such a ridiculously lucky break for the Pats especially if you zoom that play out a little and see that other than Brady and whoever kicked the ball it was green jerseys in the area.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't think Ivory will be 100% at all this year, the hammy injury has been lingering since the beginning of the year and just seems to keep rearing its ugly head. Getting another RB who can carry some of the load would be a huge help but this is just an injury Ivory and the Jets may have to manage all season.
  4. The Dolphins were always a better team than they were playing to start the year. They needed a new voice in there but I do agree with the sentiment that they'll come back down to earth. I know they've destroyed them but they did beat two really bad teams.
  5. The one team I think people are underrating is the Panthers. I know they have no weapons at WR but Cam is playing out of his mind and they have a really good defense. They also beat the Seahawks on the road. Their biggest test comes in two weeks against the Packers at home.
  6. How do they not list QB as at least one of out "Other Needs"
  7. I don't want to underrate Mangold cause he does a lot more than we see as far as being a leader on that O-Line but I'd much rather have the opposite where Ivory and Pryor play and Mangold sits.
  8. I've liked what Chan's done so far. In fact, I know it's early but he's been byfar our best OC in a while. However, good coaches find ways to utlize their talent not make the talent fit their scheme. I agree that Kerley's been good when giving the chance to play and Bowles should really challenge Chan to find ways to get him more involved in the offense. When BM is double teamed we're left with Decker who's a good WR but a reliable third option is must needed.
  9. A lot of times this stuff is tough to call in real time, that's why their trained referees making a lot of money to work one day a week. While replay's was obviously a no brainer I think it's really made the refs lazy and too reliant on it. I used to think HDTV and all the new camera angles were making it look like the refereeing has gotten worse when it's always been bad but the reality is the refs have gotten worse and like I said, part of it is the reliance on replay.
  10. Tough spot, not making excuses but the last team we needed this type of punting performance with was the Pats. Giving Brady short fields is a major disadvantage.
  11. I think this was a big time learning experience for Bowles. As solid as he's been he's still a rookie HC with a lot to learn. He's a hard worker who will figure it out. Not saying we'll beat the Pats next time but I guarantee a lot more prepared coach and team.
  12. True, not making excuses for Fitz but not much you can do when your own teammate runs into you as you're throwing the ball
  13. that fingertip catch by Marshall, wtf was Zac Stacy doing? He wasn't even blocking anyone he just ran into Fitz which is what cause that ball to be thrown so short.
  14. 1. IK breaking Geno's jaw 2. Hiring Mac 3. Hiring Bowles 4. Bringing back Revis 5. Trading for Marshall
  15. Who needs Sammy when you got a Rex favorite in Percy Harvin.
  16. In addition to that, if the Jets hired Quinn and Shanahan was coming with him as the OC the first move they wanted to make was bringing in Cousins to play http://www.hngn.com/articles/121698/20150821/nfl-rumors-ny-jets-wanted-dan-quinn-kirk-cousins-trade-this-offseason.htm
  17. The reality is, we were a 4 win team last year. We shouldn't be thinking playoffs in week 5 of the season we're not good enough to think that way. Let's win a few more games before we start these conversations is all I'm saying.
  18. The thing about the Skins is the've been good at stopping the run. Fitz will need to come to play hopefully Decker is 100%
  19. Don't forget guys, our GM was a major part of building that untalented Texans team
  20. Watch some games and get some brownie points by doing the apple picking thing in the morning.
  21. Exactly, looking at the schedule before the season you tend to hate early bye weeks but it does really seem to be coming at the right time.
  22. Anyone looking to sell tix? Looking for two for this game
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