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  1. Absolutely, I posted in another thread how other than QB this really is a win now team with a lot of money spent in the offseason to bring in veteran talent. Obviously we'd have to move some things around from a salary cap standpoint but it makes a lot of sense.
  2. Truth is, Macc has been great but his job up to this point has been fairly easy, spending money and filling holes. When it comes to finding a QB he's going to need to get a bit creative. With two wins under our belt already I don't see us being bad enough to have a top pick for a QB and Petty should get a shot next year but is far from a sure thing. I think we need to make a full court press at Glennon or Mettenberger in the offseason. I'm not saying either one is the next Aaron Rodgers but they have showed that they can play on a pro level and win games AND are both young enough to be developed and stick around for a while. I'm not trying to rehash the Glennon debate but this team spent a lot of money in the offseason brining in veteran "win now" guys like Revis, Marshall, Cro etc... The next move needs to be an aggressive one for that win now QB.
  3. He's done a nice job through two games night and day from what we had in Kyle Wilson the last few years.
  4. Damn, as someone who just became a father to a beautiful baby girl this really tears me up. Russell's a good guy.
  5. I agree the media seemed to have overreacted, at the same time why didn't Bowles just address it?
  6. lol I remember seeing that on Monday and laughing, good let his own team come help him up
  7. Saw this reported earlier and didn't much of it with the team coming off a Monday night game I thought maybe he was st a little sore and getting the day off and now I see this. A little concerning no?
  8. Remember when everyone was outraged because we didn't get Hoyer? Lol
  9. He's not known as a locker room cancer though, it's also been a long time since his Dolphin years so I think you give a little more benefit of the doubt considering he hasn't been in trouble in quite a while. Also, he's played on game I'm a huge fan and love what I see but whether or not it was a good move is yet to be determined.
  10. I hope Ivory has a huge night, I'm down by 20 pts with Ivory and the Jets D tonight.
  11. I've learned from our Santonio experience that it's just not worth bringing in a guy with major red flags or character flaws regardless of talent. That person becomes bigger than the team and can really do some damage on and off the field.
  12. Loved Rex when he was here but I'm digging the even keeled nature from Bowles, doesn't get too high or low and keeps the players grounded. As fun as Rex was he would've just acted like he won the Super Bowl.
  13. I don't want to start a thread about every QB option who may be available but this one could be viable. He lost the starting job to Hoyer and our GM obviously has a relationship with the Texans. Not sure what it would take to get him here but I think it would be worth looking into.
  14. Better Tacking! It'll show me a lot about the coaching staff and their ability to correct issues.
  15. Bowles seems great so far, really like him but he has such an awkward way about him and the way he speaks in interviews. Hopefully t'll get better as he spends more time in NY
  16. Yea I wouldn't say Woody chose Bowles over Quinn I'd say he was too paranoid about losing both of them and pulled the trigger on Bowles when he had the chance. Not that I think it's a bad thing so far I like what Bowles brings to the table but in all honesty it sounds like Quinn was his guy he just couldn't get any guarantees and with the Seahawks playing the Super Bowl Bowles would've been gone by then.
  17. Had him designated as one of my fantasy keepers that may have to change now.
  18. To be fair, it's tough to blame Rex when his GM left him with no corners
  19. I have a lot of respect for Allen from last year. Guy was put in a touch spot being asked to play corner back, played hard and never complained.
  20. I got two practice tix for today that I can't use. Feel free to PM me your email if you'd like them.
  21. I'm trying to talk my wife into relocating to NC. Low cost of living, still close to the beach, while it can get quit warm then do still have 4 seasons there, nice people. I'd go in a heartbeat, love NJ and I think it gets a bad reputation but I'm just tired of paying so much to live here. $10k a year in property taxes on a 1600 sq ft. home is ridiculous to me.
  22. maybe it just means our defense is that good?
  23. The difference is in Bowles' response to Colon's comments. He called him out a little and let it known in front of the media that he won't tolerate that kind of talk. Rex as much as I loved him would've probably defended the statement and talked up Colon in the process
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