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  1. what's ironic is from all reports back from two years ago Caldwell was the guy the Jets wanted but he turned them down due to Rex being forced on him. He's probably telling Idzik I told you so. We're better off anyway Caldwell inherited a mess with the Jags but he hasn't done much to impress me with that team either.
  2. Are the Dolphins taking a risk with this move? Of course, but we should know better than anyone how hard is to find a QB and like others have said he's improved every year despite not having the best weapinzzz around him. He's a solid QB who you can definitely win with, I'd take him on the Jets in a heartbeat.
  3. Parcells also handpicked Sparano. I have all the respect in the world for Parcells but he has mad some questionable decisions.
  4. Best trade in my fantasy football career was picking him up for Darren Sproles in a keeper league.
  5. I know Coples doesn't have nearly the value of Mo but what about just trading him for a late rd. pick? He should really be the odd man out. I know Mo needs a new contract and costs more but we can afford that with Leonard WIlliams now being on a rookie deal and Sheldon still a few years away especially if we front load the deal a little until Sheldon gets paid.
  6. The positive in all this is that it's obvious Rex hasn't learned or evolved from his role when he was the Jets HC. I liked Rex while he was here but he had his weaknesses and looking at some of his quotes and press conferences it's fair to assume the team will have a lot of the same issues as he did with the Jets, undisciplined, inconsistent, too defensively focused, and a lack of QB development.
  7. Traded Darren Sporles for OBJ early in my fantasy season last year in a keeper league. Best trade I've ever made.
  8. Pretty sure Geno already won 8 games so 4-5 wins may be a stretch.
  9. lol just thinking the same thing. Why wouldn't you start with both instead of making it known one or the other?
  10. Jets would have all the leverage though. We didn't draft him and would have no investment in him. If he's a problem you get rid of him. If he doesn't legitimately win the job then you put him on the bench or release him. He's playing for his next contract at this point and has a lot of motivation to improve.
  11. Low risk high reward move, I would do it. He really only has one year of big money left so if he sucks or is a problem like he's been rumored to be we move on. While we've spent a lot of money this offseason we do have to remember we're coming off a 4-12 year. I think Fitz is a solid signing but he's a stopgap and in no way the answer for the future of this franchise. If you have an opportunity to bring in a guy with his potential you go for it. As mentioned, his contract makes this a low risk high reward move for us. I like him more than Marriotta.
  12. In no way was this post meant to bash Idzik. I agree with the point that Iddzik inherited and terrible cap situation and needed to clear that up before doing anything. All I'm saying is that with our current cap situation Mac and Co. are doing a great job of filling holes through free agency leaving us a lot of flexibility in the draft. Is this type of offseason sustainable in the long run? Of course not, we're not goint o have $50 million in cap space every spring but the good part is we shouldn't need to if we draft well and sign the right talent for the right type of contracts.
  13. RAY RICE. He's cheap, will have a major chip on his shoulder, still young and a local kid. Make it happen
  14. It's clear that with the luxury of having so much cap space Mac and the FO have taken the strategy of filling holes through Free Agency. Unlike Idzik (Who I'm not trying to bash just making a point) who wanted to build through the draft, the FO is essentially opening up the door for us to be very flexible in the draft. We can decide to go BPA at 6 or possibly trade back if it's the right deal. This is the position you want to be in. Idzik's mistake was holding on to all 12 picks and basically drafting out of need. That caused us to reach on players like Mcdougle and possibly even Pryor.
  15. This. Woody is not a talent evaluator. He's a guy who was born into a rich family and now thinks he's a savvy business man. I don't hate Woody in fact, I really think he wants to win and make the fans happy but the best thing he can do is stay out of the football stuff and let his GM and new Head Coach do their jobs. Thankfully we're coming up on another presidential election soon so that should keep him pretty busy working that Republican ticket.
  16. And most important, he's a local kid!
  17. Woody basically botched the whole process a few years ago. He should've canned Rex and Tanny or gave them both one more year. Forcing a coach on a GM is the reason why weren't able to land top GM candidates i the first year. However Idzik took the job with a full understanding of what the deal was and failed. 12 draft picks and basically ended up with a mediocre Safety, a promising but still raw Tight end and a lot of injuries. He proved he was in over his head in talent evaluation. The cap situation Idzik inherited was not good but it an was easy fix, anyone with a decent amount of football knowledge knew what players needed to go or get restructured he just didn't do a good job on the talent evaluation. On the plus side, at least he didn't overspend to try and save his job and did leave our new regime with a good situation.
  18. While I think there's a lot of legitimacy to this story, his agent is obviously doing his job and trying to scare the Jets a little into making a decision.
  19. Exactly, I live about 5 minutes away from that house and for the size and cost of the house those property taxes aren't bad. NJ is crazy expensive to begin with and Summit is one of the most expensive towns in NJ so there ya go.
  20. It's true, the fact that names like Matt Moore and Ryan Fitzpatrick excite me is just sad.
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