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  1. I'm in no way a Gase apologist and hated the hire when it happened.  But, trying to look at this objectively, Gase was probably the most unpopular hire we could've made which leads to a very short leash with the fan base.  With that being said,  finishing a season in which your third string QB who isn't even on a roster right now had to play three games 7-9 does not justify firing a coach after 1 year.  This team needs to show a ton of improvement next year especially on the offensive side of the ball.  But now that we've hired Gase I'm open to giving a fair shot.  

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  2. I don't think the CB position is as dire as it was going into the season with the emergence of Austin and Canady improving but they def. do need to resign Poole and get another guy in here to compete.  With all the other holes I think we can get away with 3-4 good corners and not that shut down guy but of the 4 big position of needs I'd probably put this last on the list.  

  3. Johnson invested a ton of money in Douglass and in turn in revamping our front office with guys like Rex Hogan and Phil Savage.  These are guys who have been around the game and winning organizations for a long time.  No offense to CJ but the reality is he's not a football guy, he's a glorified business man who inherited a family business.  It's time for CJ to own up to this, back off and let his football guys run the show.  Sure, I expect a GM to need final sign off from his Owner to make a decision like firing a HC but the idea that Gase and Douglas should be on the same level reporting to CJ is ridiculous.  Its time to give the reigns to Douglas and his staff and see what they have. I get Douglas is new but you committed to him to let him do his job.  

  4. 18 hours ago, GreenFish said:

    The Browns were rumored to be shopping JC Tretter in the Spring. So he likely will hit free agency as well. The Redskins are negotiating with Scherff so he may be resigned. They’re off $2 mil per year last I read.

    My dream would be to go all in on Scherff and Tretter. Anything else is a bonus.

    Our cap space looks descent but I’d still cut guys. Osemele, Trumaine, Winters, Enunwa, Daryl Roberts and Avery Williamson should be cut or traded.

    I wouldn’t bring back Robby and Leo. We should be shopping those guys now. 

    I would resign some of our guys like  McLendon, Hewitt, Jenkins, to name a few. 

    I remember Scherff was drafted right before Leonard Williams and my friend who's a big Redskins fan being pissed they didn't draft Leonard Williams, haha what a joke that was.

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  5. I mean in no way do I think the CJ and Douglass expected the team to be this bad but let's be honest, you do't fire your GM if you think you have perennial playoff team on your hands.  I'm from the Head Coaching interviews and then Gase getting into the building he was convinced into the idea that this team was a lot further away then he initially thought.  The upside to this ugly year is we're likely not looking at 7-9/8-8 type year and should end up with a top 5 pick as apposed to being in that no mans land of picking between 15-20.  It's been too much losing and I'm tired of this as well but it gives Douglass a lot of options.  He can take that top 5 pick or what I tend to lean towards is trading it for more picks.  And with Darnold, Mosely, Adams and Lev here as the core we could turn this around pretty quickly  The truth is though this was never the year, not after 4 years of just awful drafting from Mac and then 2 years of Idzik. 

  6. This is a big year for Sam Darnold and giving him another professional receiver who knows Gase's offense and will push Enunwa and Robby is not a bad thing.  At the end of the day does DT make us a playoff team?  Probably not, but big picture he'll be a huge help to the development of Darnold.  

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  7. Day to day I feel like this move will have very little affect on the fan base.  Sure this guy would be involved in decisions regarding hiring and firing coaches and GM's but it sounds like this role will be more focused on the business side.  What's more interesting to me is the moves being made by CJ with Woody in England.  It's one thing to bring in a new HC coming off a 4-12 season, that's a no brainer.  But replacing the President of 20 years is a big move and makes me hope CJ will play a bigger role in the day to day of the team even after Woody's return

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  8. I have zero facts to back this up but I have the feeling that CJ legitimately went into this season with the thought of giving Macc one more year.  However, for CJ to strike when he did  I got the impression that Macc did not come off well during the Head Coaching search.  I thing that some of the more established coaches in the league like a McCarthy and even a Gase didn't have the best things to say about the roster construction.  I also think that while Bowles was not a good Head Coach, however the Johnson's had a ton of respect for the guy it seemed.  So I'm sure he had sort of an "Exit Interview" on the way out and didn't have the most glowing things to say about the roster construction and the F.O.   Long story short, I think the timing of the firing was sort of a domino effect with Gase knowing this is likely his last stop as a H.C. if he fails so he smelled blood in the water and made sure that if he was going down, he was going down on is terms.

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  9. On 6/8/2019 at 5:50 PM, David Harris said:

    I like that it sounds like Douglas not only took care of himself financially but wanted to make sure the money was there to build out the organization with quality scouts and front office guys.

    i know CJ got a lot of heat w the Mac fire timing and maybe he fell into this situation of having no competition for the best candidate but it has worked out beautifully.

    A young FQB a young future all pro Safety leading the defense. A young offensive minded progressive HC who is on the same page as his GM. The best GM candidate in the NFL.   This is the team we root for- what a breath of fresh air.  

    AND new uniforms


    I think it may have been planned this way on purpose.  I'm sure there were no guarantees they were getting Douglas but they obviously knew what the GM landscape looked like and probably thought by making the move now they would get a head start on the GM search.  It could've very well just have been dumb luck but I'd like to think this time around they may have actually had a plan.

  10. 3 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    Jaguars reach deal with receiver Terrelle Pryor


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jaguars signed receiver Terrelle Pryor on Monday morning, adding another player with questions to a position group that has few certainties.

    Pryor -- who has 115 catches for 1,563 yards and seven touchdowns in six seasons -- is the second-most-experienced receiver on the Jaguars' roster. Only Marqise Lee, who missed the 2018 season after suffering a knee injury in the preseason, has more catches (171).

    Never understood what really happened with him.  He's nothing spectacular but we were pretty thin at WR last year and he seemed to be at least developing some rapport with Sam.  Not a huge loss but still seemed like he could've been a useful piece last year when we moved on.

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  11. Here's the reality:


    Offensively we are upgrading from Jeremy Bates to Adam Gase---=Win!

    We have Darnold in his second season----Win!

    We've added Jamison Crowder to replace Kearse----Win!

    We added Le'veon Bell.----Huge Win

    Traded for Osemele----Win!

    Didn't add a Center, although Long was pretty bad last year so this is ----Neutral!


    Defensively we replaced Bowles with Gregg Williams.-----I'll go neutral!

    Replaced Darron Lee with CJ Mosley-----Win!

    Drafted Q. Williams----Win!

    Finally drafted an edge Rusher---Neutral (he should be good but there was a reason he was a third rd. pick and let's not pretend Macc was just smarter then everyone else)

    Replaced Skrine with Poole----Neutral

    Didn't add another CB which was desperately needed----Negative



    I'm seeing a lot more positives then negatives and the obvious X-Factor will be Darnold and the offense.  This team should be much better then last year and the first time in a while I'm actually really looking forward to a Jets season.  The key will be the first 6 games but if we come out of that alive, the Wildcard should certainly be the real deal for us.

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  12. On 2/8/2019 at 3:10 PM, CrazyCarl40 said:

    Based on the choices I went with the OL option. Because it’s been neglected for years. Also, I would put Buster Skrine on this list. That was a total failure compounded by rearranging his money. I mean, his first free agency spending spree 4 years ago will probably have 0 players retained from that splurge. 

    I think that is one of the bigger flubs that goes unnoticed.  Not specifically Skrine but the fact that the Jets and Macc doubled down on the 2015 season and basically gave Fitz the starting job and bringing back a lot of those over the hill veterans.  They should've realize they caught lightening  in a bottle and began breaking it down immediately after that.  Not that the Bills have done anything yet but they were at least smart enough to realize that narrowly making the  playoffs with Tyrod Taylor and that team in 2017 was not sustainable and instead of trying to go 9-7 again and maybe getting a Wild Card spot they chose to completely break it down.  Basically all that did was buy Macc two years so essentially the organization looks at this year as the make or break year 3 of the rebuild.  

  13. I'll be interested to see what happens with Todd over the next few years.  He's a loyal guy and made a commitment to follow Bruce Arians who you have to think will yield a ton of power in the organization right now, with Arians being up there in age I can't picture him doing this for more then 3-5 more years and then maybe moving up into the FO.   Basically what I'm saying is that if the Bucs have any sort of success I wouldn't be surprised to see him become the assumed next HC waiting in the wings for Arians to "retire"  In the next 3 years or so the disaster of his tenure in NY will be long forgotten and he'll have another few years under Arians to learn from his mistakes.

  14. What is this the third or fourth time we've heard Hack's been fixed?  Look it's not Hack's fault he was over drafted and never lived up to expectations that falls on the Jets and he is right he's only 23 so if he can show anything in this new league I wouldn't be surprised to see him get another shot to at least be a backup somewhere in the NFL next year.  

  15. Here's what I'll say, at the end of the day we may end up with the perceived  "safe" hire which would be McCarthy but I do like that it seems we're leaving no stone unturned and thinking outside the box.   I don't know if CJ has anything to do with it or it's b/c of Darnold but I like it.  In the past it seems like we would compile the list of top 3 up and coming coordinators and just hire one.  This def. seems different.

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