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  1. For the most part I do find these guys funny and I actually think Carton is a genuinely nice guy in real life. I do agree though that sometimes they can go into these rants/bromance type moments that they just end up taking way too far. One of the more entertaining morning shows though especially with Howard basically semi retired at this point (he's off again this week).
  2. Here's a crazy completely out of the box scenario. What if the Skins decide they're willing to start over at QB, (they did just bring in a new GM who has no ties to RG3) and they go ahead andd draft Marriotta and send RG3 to Philly? I know it's crazy because you really don't want to trade RG3 within the division but his skillset could translate well in Chip Kelly's offense.
  3. I'd take a flyer on him for a 3rd or higher. He's had some injury issues but as mentioned he had a great rookie year and he's still young. With guys like Fitz and Locker you know you're essentially getting a stopgap at least with RG3 there's still a chance for a future.
  4. Maybe not but still better than 99% of jobs in America.
  5. If Mariota does fall to us I'd rather trade with Philly. I don't hate Mariota I just don't think he's ready for the NFL and I''d rather get Foles and some picks,.
  6. Mac must've really gotten Woody to pony up on the scouting side. The emphasis this team is finally putting on talent evaluation is pretty exciting.
  7. This. Not saying Gase is a bad OC but it's tough to judge someone who had Peyton as their QB.
  8. Maccagnan sure loves his coffee lol the few pictures and videos I've seen he always has a coffee in his hand. On the otherhand, not to get too excited but it's night and day to the way Idzik sounded. I hear confidence and real plan with this guy, looking back Idzik sounded way in over his head. But hey two years from now we might be flying "fire Mike Maccagnan" signs who knows. I'm excited right now though!
  9. You're paying for what he's going to be not what he's done so far.
  10. The colts are probably one of the worst ran franchises in the NFL they've just been lucky enough to have the first pick in the draft at the right time (drafting Manning and Luck) but have done an awful job building a team around them. Trading a first rd. pick for Trent Richardson has to go down as one of the worst trades in NFL history.
  11. Teaming him up with a bruiser like Chris Ivory would be great. I don't like the idea of bringing in a free agent running back but he's only 27 and hasn't taken too much of a beating with Fred Jackson and had a 1,200 yard year when Gailey was the head coach. I think he'll be a much better value than Demarco Murray who someone will overpay for but at the right price he would compliment Ivory well.
  12. Now I see what other teams saw when Rex spoke. lol
  13. User Actions Following Chris Lopresti‏@CLoprestiWFAN Hmm MT @josephperson: #Jets have canceled Wed. interview w/ #Panthers DC Sean McDermott, per league source. Sounds like they have their guy
  14. Any idea why this guy is not at least on our radar for an Interview? Not saying he's the guy but based on his resume I would think he would at least be worth a look. Took the Detroit Lions from the #16th ranked defense last year to #2 in the league with essentially the same players. Also prior to that he was the secondary coach for Balt. which has consistently been a winning organization and let's not forget had an awful secondary this year (after his departure) that probably cost them a win against New England. Again, not saying he's the guy but and I know he's only been a DC for one year, based on his resume I would think he would absolutely be worth a look and just as qualified as guys like Frank Reich or Sean Mcdermott
  15. Que the articles and tweets about how Kubiak turned down the Jets.
  16. why even waste a TO? Just take the delay of game
  17. Raven offense impressive. Can we bring in Kubiak for an interview before we commit to Quinn please
  18. eh hasn't done much since his talent's diminished.
  19. It's an interesting point. If he wasn't going to the Jets why not stay on, see the hire through and collect that commission $$$
  20. Let's go Panthers! Let's get all this out of the way so these guys can get to Florham Park and get to work. Would've preferred the GM first but I get not wanting to lose out on the guy that's why you brought in the consultants.
  21. He also said reported Shanahan was done in Clev. before that happen so I actually think this guy might know a thing or two.
  22. I don't disagree but part of the reason their defense is so bad is the lack of talent. Sure, they'll be better but for everyone to expect him to turn it around overnight is unrealistic.
  23. Damn, I mean I appreciate them doing their due diligence but this seems like a lot of interviews.
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