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  1. I don't disagree it's definitely close between them. I wouldn't hand him the job but would be worth bringing in to compete for the job. With Gruden basically bashing him every chance he gets a change of scenery might help as well.
  2. If he doesn't want RGIII we should take a shot at landing him. With our draft slot we're not getting a franchise QB anyway.
  3. Well then I guess not. Wasn't saying hand either one the job but I do think it's a mistake to write them off. Graves specifically, did a pretty good job Arizona I know they had Kurt Warner but they still had a solid team around him.
  4. I know it's a tough sell when a team is coming off a disastrous 4-12 season but any chance of either Rod Graves or Anthony Lynn to get the job? Graves was considered a great hire when we brought him in under Idzik and I assume was probably handcuffed by some of the rumors coming out about how Idzik was running the org. On the other side Lynn is considered a highly regarded up and coming coach in the league who let's be honest, hasn't had top talent at the RB position. As I said, I realize it's a tough sell after last season but the more I read about these guys the more I think they should at least be given some real consideration.
  5. I really think the NFL needs to consider a change to that rule. It really puts winning coaches at a disadvantage. For instance, Quinn playing in the Super Bowl is actually a disadvantage in him getting a HC job because teams just don't want to wait. Maybe they shouldn't let teams interview any coaches till after the Super Bowl? Only GM candidates
  6. Listening to Boomer and Carton this morning, Boomer was really talking up Frank Reich, I know he mentioned they were college roommates so he's a bit biased but he was really talking up Reich as an offensive genius.
  7. You're assuming they'll be good for the next 4,5, or 6 years. Sure history says they should be but you know how this league works. All it takes is one or two bad seasons and he'd be off a lot of teams radars immediately. Strike while the iron's hot.
  8. But other people are already reaping the benefits of his hard work, he's not the GM Ozzie is and I have not heard anything indications Ozzie's retiring. Again, I'm not denying he's in a great position he should absolutely be picky he's earned that right but to not ever even interview for a GM job is something to take notice of in my mind. As great as he's considered to be the fact still remains he's not an NFL GM right now and if he continues to wait in Balt. it may be 10 more years before he is.
  9. Screw this guy. Sure, I'd love to have him and it would be considered a huge win if the Jets could pry him away from Balt. but to me, there's seems to be a little bit of a red flag in the fact that he won't even consider interviewing for a GM job. How long does he want to sit there behind Ozzie and wait? Why not at least hear what's out there? I understand not wanting to take the first GM job that comes around but he's turned down every interview that has come along, every single one.
  10. Why would you not hire the GM and let him pick the head coach????????
  11. In no way am I saying Cutler's a sure thing and our ticket to the Super Bowl, what I'm saying is after 4 horrendous losing years with Andrew Luck type prospect in the draft, the risk may be worth the reward in this case. As stated earlier our other options are guys like Hoyer and Locker, I'm tired of game managers give me a QB capable of winning for us. Yes, I realize Cutler has won much but we all know the talent is there.
  12. That's my point, draft a 2nd or 3rd tier QB and allow him to sit for a year or two. The biggest mistake this team has made in the past 6 years under Rex in my opinion is allowing two rookie QB's to come in and start right away. Why would we want to do that with another 2nd or 3rd rd. pick? At the very least allow for a real QB competition. I don't think we would have to give up a ton to get him. He's owed a lot of money next year no way we would have to trade picks and pickup that contract.
  13. The difference is Cutler is talented, gives this team the best chance to win NEXT YEAR while still allowing us to develop a QB for the future. He's a much better option that Locker, Hoyer or Geno.
  14. That's right I know he can be a headcase but QB's with his talent rarely become available. Not to mention, the way his contract is structured I believe you're really only committed at big money for 1 or 2 more years. Now that Rex is gone go get me a strong willed veteran coach who can handle his personality, draft O-Line in the first rd. and go for a "developmental" type QB in the 2nd or 3rd rd. This team has been bad for too ling and while I realize Cutler is no sure thing he's a much better option than waiting another 3 years to find out if our young QB is the real deal. To me, it's a risk well worth taking.
  15. I wouldn't put too much stake into it. Woody is pretty old and probably doesn't know how to use twitter all that well.
  16. If not for GM Woody should push Idzik to bring him as a consulatant to revamp our whole scouting dept.
  17. What about Bradford? Chance he's out the door in St. Louis as well. He may be the best option along with drafting someone.
  18. The positive side is while there's no sure thing franchise QB in this draft there are some promising options in the second rd. So we can maybe get an impact player in Rd.1 like Amari Cooper and develop a decent QB in the second round like Connor Cook and bring in someone to hold the fort for a few years like the guys here already mentioned. Worst thing we can do is "reach" for a QB in rd. 1 if the organization doesn't really believe in him. You can't draft scared meaning you take a guy because your scared of the possibility you missed out on a franchise qb. Draft a guy you believe in and let the chips fall where they may.
  19. I know its out of his control in a way but losing out on multiple first rd picks does not put him in a very good coaching situation he's better off quitting.
  20. I thought Locker was out for the season? He's definitely a guy I would consider for some depth at the QB position, tough time staying healthy but he's one of the better options available in free agency this offseason
  21. How about we bring in Harbaugh and Kapernick? Would the 49ers be willing to make that trade for our first round pick? They can start over with a new coach and QB and we get an opportunity at a QB who's not playing well but has shown some success in the league.
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