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  1. Gotta admit, Revis looks like Revis again
  2. Oak and Jax probably aren't going QB's in the first so really it's between us and TB. May be an opportunity to trade up if we really like Marriota.
  3. He's taking the starting job from Foles
  4. anyone notice Sanchez do the Jet celebration?
  5. Then if that's the case you bench him.
  6. In no way is this is an excuse for Geno , he still sucks. The only this really proves to me is that we cannot draft another QB under this regime we just can't.
  7. Don't have a link for it yet but just heard on NFL Gameday from Ian Rapoport that in Geno's last start where he threw those 3 picks he was basically told who to throw the ball to on each play and discouraged to go through his pre-snap reads. Honestly, Geno's been bad this year but not nearly as bad as he was in his last start so I actually tend to believe this report. If it is true however, this solidifies the deal for me. Regardless of what happens with Idzik it's time to get rid of this whole coaching staff, they have no clue how to develop a QB.
  8. Good luck! I see you're a Monmouth U grad. I graduated from there in 2007 fun school
  9. If he's there after the 1st rd you take him, bring in a veteran QB like Hoyer, Matt Moore or maybe even keeping Vick. and let him sit and learn. The Browns have done a great job taking Manziel out of the spotlight and just letting him be a backup-different issues but both have that "diva" stigma coming out of college.
  10. The contract seems larger than it is. He's basically on a bunch of one year deals so the team can cut him whenever they want.
  11. Show's how bad things are for the Jets when we consider Hoyer a great QB. He's solid and I'd take him on the Jets in a heartbeat but far from from great.
  12. That's what happens when you have George Costanza running the team. Seriously Idzik was the assistant traveling secretary or something right?
  13. Sanchez looked ok but don't disregard the fact that he's playing in a much better offense with guys like Maclin, Jordan and Mccoy. Plus a real good offensive coach running the show. Let's see how he does next week, look at Weeden this week compared to last.
  14. I don't think it solves all our problems but having a veteran legit NFL QB could really help us evaluate the rest of the offense. We've seen a ton of analysis about Geno not seeing open receivers well let's see if that's the case.
  15. Speaking of which, Aboushi looks like he may be a player and capable of taking that guard position.
  16. Yes sorry meant Vick. And you're right there's a lot more to evaluate in this offense than just Geno. Don't forget our O-line, is Geno holding on to the ball too long or is it time to start thinking about upgrades? All questions that can't be answered when you have a QB playing as poorly as Geno was.
  17. All season we've been looking at the offense through Geno Smith. This season has been looked at (and rightfully so) as an opportunity to see if Geno could be a franchise QB. Now that we know this isn't the case, we should really be looking at it the other way around. Does this offense have enough weapons? I definitely don't have high expectations for Geno and I realize he will turn the ball over. But he's talented enough to help us make a true evaluation on guys like Harvin and Amaro and even if Decker is a true number 1 receiver. So Jets fans while the playoffs are out of the picture, there's a little something to keep an eye out on going forward.
  18. The reality is this team is not winning next year either. Draft a QB and let him sit for a year, none of these college QB's are NFL ready, they'll all need time. Throwing another rookie QB into the fire is just doing the same thing over again.
  19. Brought this up in another thread. I think it's a great idea. One thing we learned from our last two QB's is unless you have Andrew Luck these guys need to sit and learn. Nothing wrong with drafting a QB while also bringing in a stopgap for a year or two. Bradford or Locker could be perfect assuming they can stay healthy.
  20. bring in Jake Locker or Sam Bradford then draft a QB and let them sit for a year. I think one of our issues is the fact that we keep drafting QBs and throwing them out there. Nothing wrong with letting a guy sit for a year or two .
  21. Stafford not looking so great without Calvin Johnson.
  22. no.talk about turnovers Cousins could end up with more than Geno if actually given a full season
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