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  1. I wouldn't be mad if we brought in a guy like Hoyer or even Sam Bradford and letting them compete with Geno for the starting job.  The key would be however, to have a real QB competition and let the best man win (unlike this year) then go get a another WR, Crabtree's a free agent next year would love to bring him in.  As well s bringing in a good solid CB and using the draft to rebuild the o-line.

  2. He looked good last night.  Everyone writing him off is for whatever reason ignoring the fact that he hasn't had much time to throw this year and when he does his receivers aren't getting open.  He needs to improve but isn't nearly as bad as Jet fans would lead you to believe.

    Exactly, this offseason should be about getting another WR, starting to rebuild the o-line and obviously get real CB's. Drafting another rookie QB with this supporting cast is a waste.

  3. If Geno can build on last night and continue to use his legs and limit the turnovers we should be looking at WR not QB.  Not saying I'm going all in with Geno but I'm not writing him off yet.  No one's talking about the drive at the end of the game but I thought Geno did a nice job with no timeouts to at least give Folk a chance.  He showed a lot of poise and made some nice passes.  Get another received to compliment Decker and maybe we have something.

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  4. I really believe this team is a few players away.  Is Geno the answer?  I don't know yet but I'm not ready to declare he's not.  I'm not saying he'll be the next Peyton Manning but if he can limit the turnovers and use his legs we may have something. Looking ahead to next year is simple.  Get another legit weapon at WR-doesn't need to be Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones just another solid, professional Wide Receiver, looking at the free agent list a guy like Torrey Smith or maybe even Michael Crabtree would be make a world of difference.  Obviously get a CB and here I definitely go the free agency route for a veteran and look to draft someone (anything out of Milliner to this point is a plus).  For the draft, go get a WR in the first round maybe a CB in the second if it's not a reach and then go O-Line.  We may have something in Aboushi which is a plus but the rest of the O-Line is getting old fast and we cannot continue to ignore it.

  5. It's their job.

    I don't disagree but these guys are still human.  Think about your job and if your company didn't seem invested would you put in 100% effort?  Probably not, maybe that's just me but I find it hard to believe everyone here would.  Again, not an excuse just reality.

  6. an NFL player only has so many years in them, their careers just aren't that long as it is.  When you have a team basically giving up on the season and a GM sitting on $21 million in cap space where's the motivation?  I'm defending these guys because most of them are making millions of dollars to basically play a game but why risk injury?  Especially if you're a player going into free agency like Jeremy Kerley.

  7. Well see I also blame Woody as well he should've forced Idzik's hand a little bit and told him you have one year to evaluate this team then I want to start seeing some progress.  I know he inherited a little bit of a mess but right now it seems like we're walking in quick sand with no light at the end of the tunnel

  8. The biggest problem in my opinion right now is the completely different visions our HC and GM have right now. I'm starting to believe more and more Idzik needed to make a coaching decision for the future after last season.  Maybe behind the scenes Rex has been given a vote of confidence as long as this team doesn't end up going 1-15 and have a completely disastrous season but from the outside looking in it seems like we have a GM building for the future (evidence by the lack of spending this offseason) and a head coach trying to make the playoffs and win now.  Sure a GM should always been challenging a coach to win now but the expectations also need to be realistic.  Simply said, this year should've always been about evaluating talent and building for the future.  If that's the case, Rex either should have been shown his walking papers or given a new 3 year deal.  Idzik is buying himself time at the expense of Rex.

  9. With another tough loss one thing that seems to be getting missed in Mo Wilk's injury, can't find any news but has anyone heard anything?  Not a guy we can afford to lose for the Lions game as we need to put the pressure on Stafford and keep the running game in check.

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