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  1. I actually thought Parry Nickerson played pretty well when Skrine got hurt.  I think he's a guy that needs to get more time, I'm not conceding this year but it's all about the future and Skrine should not be here next year.

  2. In no way am I making excuses for the kid but the 3 games in 11 days including two Prime Time games was just a tough ask and I think last night we saw the results of that.  The defense looked gassed and that is honestly understanable to me considering how often they were on the field.  Sam on the otherhand really just looked a little in over his head last night.  I know it's JAX but the Jets need to come out and play well next week.  Take this weekend to rest and get healthy and come back prepared.  I also this young team is in desperate need of some consistency, give me a few Sunday games in a row to get them on a regular routine.  Clev. has a very good defense and an experienced D-Coordinator who everyone knew was going to give Darnold a tough time.  It was the perfect storm really.  The coaching staff however, I'm losing faith in every game

  3. I think Macc gets a bit of a pass because of the fact that it looks like we finally found a QB.  And while I agree the draft can be a bit overrated and if you look around the league I'd say Macc has been average.  With that being said though, I do worry about his lack of really being able to find impact players beyond the 1-2nd rds.  There's always that fear that if Darnold does turn into what we think he'll be that we turn into the Colts or the Chargers.  A perennial 9-7/10-6 type team who wasted the prime years of a franchise QB because we weren't able to build a team around him.  Barring a complete disaster this year I'm willing to give him next year to get this team to the next level I mean at some point this team needs to make the playoffs.  I just hope Chris Johnson recognizes this as well and doesn't give Mac or Bowles a free pass for the next 3-5 years just because he got us Darnold.  

  4. How could you not root for Teddy I get it, but the truth is he is absolutely not the future of this franchise and at this point needs to be viewed as exactly what he is, trade bait.  If we were a possible Super Bowl contender this year then you absolutely hold on to the guy but with what I'e seen he only looks to be slightly ahead of Darnold which means the different between 6 wins and 7 wins?  Not worth it.  Let Darnold play and learn on the job, it may be ugly at times but this season is all about preparing him for 2019 and beyond.  With the holes on the offensicve line and the need for an edge rusher It would be nice to recoup a second rd. pick for Teddy since we lost it in the Darnold trade.  I'd love to try and spend free agency money on an edge rusher and go with o-line on our first two picks next year

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  5. I think with all the inexperience on the offensive side of the ball from the QB to even the OC it will be good to have Arians around.  I agree that he may be a little overrated as an HC but the guy knows offense, something much needed within the Jets coaching staff

  6. No hate for Decker, solid pro and good guy who worked hard while he was here.  He'll make some plays with Brady being his QB but not someone who necessarily moves the needle much.  Amazing how much him and Marshall have fallen off since that great 2015 season, one of the best offenses the Jets have put on the field that year really.  Football is such an unforgiving game.

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  7. It's very early but I'm really intrigued about all the positive feedback Hansen is getting.  This guy showed some flashes last year and can be a real weapon if he continues to come along.  I mean with all these mid-late rd flier Wide Receivers Macc has been drafting it's only a matter of time I guess before you finally hit on one.  Could be a real threat  as that slot receiver type

  8. 2 hours ago, slats said:

    One of the knocks on Watson heading into the draft was that his playing style could get him injured, and then it did. All the talent in the world doesn't make a bit of difference if the player can't stay on the field. 

    We'll see how he looks post-injury, and if defenses haven't started to catch up to him with a year to watch film. I'm pretty optimistic that the Jets decision to pass on QBs last year, and luck in landing Darnold, is going to pay off. 

    agreed, Watson still has a lot to prove I just think it's worth mentioning.

  9. Look, I'm very happy the Jets got Darnold and find his strategy to basically take a mulligan on last year's season very interesting but at the same time I'm not sure it should necessarily be lauded as this genius decision.  Everyone seems to forget because he did get hurt but DeShaun Watson looked like an absolute stud last year and was there for the taking without any need to trade picks and we completely passed on him.  Time will tell on this one it's very early and this post might look completely asinine in a few years but I don't think that's something that should go unmentioned in this grand plan. 

  10. 9 minutes ago, King P said:

    So because Rosen believes he's the best that automatically makes him an entitled a-hole? Ok whatever :rolleyes:

    Agreed, if it was the Jets who picked him at 10 everyone here would've said how much they love his attitude and the chip on his shoulder so it's all relative.

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  11. I don't begrudge the guy for trying to make as much money as he could during his career, football is a brutal sport and you never know when it will end.  What I do begrudge him for is how he completely dogged it and didn't try in his second stint with the team.  Now, we were the ones dumb enough to pay him as much as we did so we should take partial blame but he did not try at all the last few years he was here and was just here for the paycheck.  It seemed like once he got his ring with New England the motivation was just gone.

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  12. 19 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Too bad they are not going to be a great secondary.  No pass rush at all without scheming it and thus leaving other areas open.

    We are far better off at Cb though, no question.  If our safeties take that 2nd year step up as stated the secondary will be good.


    yep I hate to be a debbie downer but the lack of a pass rush is still very concerning to me 

  13. The pessimist in  me can't help but believe that the Jets are considered a final four team just to drive the price up.   I do think Kirk will take a meeting and hear them out b/c of the cap space but I don't see how we can compete with Minnesota if they're even close on money.  With that being said, I really hope if we miss out Macc doubles down at QB by signing Bridgewater and drafting a QB.  I have no interest in bringing McCown back, nothing against the guy but he's not the future, if they like him so much as a mentor offer the QB coach job.  Bring in Bridgewater/McCarron/Tyrod and draft a QB and let them battle it out.

  14. I saw this idea floated around somewhere and thought it was sort of interesting.  I'll preface this by saying I have zero expectations for Hack at this point and I think that his ceiling is probably a backup QB at this point.  But, I did hear the theory that by signing Cousins Hack could still be in play for the future sounds crazy but Hack is still only 22 years old and we would most likely be signing Cousins to a 3-5 year deal meaning at worst Hack would be 27/28 by the time Cousins' deal is over.  Not at all a likely scenario but also not completely crazy either.....

  15. I wouldn't give up a2 for him but if we draft a QB I'd rather take him as our "insurance policy" type guy in case the pick isn't ready vs. McCown.  At least the guy is young and has some upside.  He's not great but he could hold the fort if necessary.   If we were to go that route though I'd rather try and get Bridgewater if he becomes available.  Again, not to necessarily be the starter of the future but to compete with our draft pick.  Teams like the Eagles and Seahawks have shown that it makes sense to sort of hedge your bets at the QB position until you find one.  Let McCown be the new QB coach under Bates if he's interested.

  16. 1 hour ago, KRL said:

    I know it will never happen but Jet fans need to stop trying to have it both ways.  You can't
    complain about never having a QB then when the opportunity presents itself you can't complain
    about having to pay for him.  We have never had this amount of cap space and probably will
    never have it again, for once why shouldn't we use it as a "weapon" and try to solve the QB
    problem.  With Cousins hitting the market I think it's the first time since Brees left SD to
    go to NO that this has happened

    agreed not to mention QB's of Cousins caliber just don't normally become available, not saying he's an all-time great but he's a good QB who would immediately make this team better and set us up for the next 5-7 years at the position.  If we had a top 3 pick I would probably be against signing Cousins b/c I'd rather draft a guy and have him under my control at a much cheaper rate but with our draft position it's going to cost a fortune to trade up and now all you're doing is setting that young QB up to fail b/c you have no draft picks left to build around him.  The best plan right now is to sign Cousins and try to fill other holes through the draft and FA.  I mean if we were to sign Cousins and one of the young QB's were to fall in the draft it could be us in an even better position to trade that #6 pick and acquire even more picks. 

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  17. 3 hours ago, BCJet said:

    This entire situation should make every jet fan miserable.

    A qualified coach, who wanted to be here and who would have been a great hire gets dragged through the mud by a journalist who has no football acumen, and simply publishes tabloid fodder from "locker room sources" (sheldon richardson) that he was given access to because the former coach ran a circus with no discipline anywhere.

    Instead of sticking with his gut, and giving no validity whatsoever to the BS that Manish was writing, our weak-minded owner caved because press is more important to him then actually doing the right thing, eliminated Marrone from the conversation and hired someone who 3 years later looks over-matched in every conceivable measure of being a HC while the guy he got bullied into passing on, is in the AFC Championship game - with a disciplined, tough team.

    The takeaway shouldnt just be that Manish is a complete buffoon, with no ability to write an intelligent football article, but that our owner actually LISTENED to the narrative he spun, and make a major strategic decision for his company based on it.  

    This is exactly it.  Whether Mehta was right or not in his reporting is irrelevant, what the real concern should be about is whether or not Woody was influenced by that article.  Now, it's only speculation that Marrone wasn't hired b/c of this but if you take a step back and want to be fair about it, the whole way Marrone left Buffalo was a red flag and maybe after Woody and his people did some digging they realized on their own he wasn't worth the risk.  Either way that's the story more so than Manish and he's desperate reporting.

  18. That's sort of the danger of this past season.  Too much talk about this team supposedly "overachieving" at 5-11 and being competitive in most games and not enough talk about all the holes we still have on this roster.  We desperately need a #1 CB, and a pass rusher on defense (both premium positions) and on offense we need to find a QB obviously, another WR, a Center (I think our o-line is actually not bad a weak link our center can cause havoc on the rest of the o-line), and a RB at least. Again, all premium positions.  I know we have a lot of cap space but it's tough to see most of this getting fixed in one offseason.

  19. Cousins would be my first choice for the Jets just because he's a known commodity vs. any of these guys in the draft who are not Andrew Luck like sure things at all.  But with that being said, if he doesn't end up with the Jets I'm hoping he either goes to Clev. or Denver.  Both teams are in front of us so the hope if they wouldn't draft another QB giving us a chance to get a QB at six or possibly trade down.  Still have a hard time believing he'll go to Clev. and obviously see it more as a move to try and drive his price up.

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  20. 5 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    I love the fact that they want to give the job to Bates.  And Bates doesn't want it.  Awesome. 

    I mentioned that in another thread.  He does have ties to NJ and Bowles, but he has way more success too. 

    Bowles did mention in an interview that he expects Arians to be around during training camp to work with the offense, which may also explain how he feels about Morton even more.  Morton can't be happy about that either.

  21. What bothers me about this if true is that the Jets either like Morton enough to commit to him or they don't.  Don't keep him here and then fish around talking to other guys to see if they're interested, it's dysfunctional and only creates animosity amongst the coaching staff.  How committed do you think Morton will be to the organization if he does stay 

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