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  1. I think it's important when evaluating draft picks to look at the players picked after that guy. And while Leo has been a good to great player at times the pick should've been Beasley. At the time we already had Sheldon and Mo and were in desperate need of an edge pass rusher. I also think its fair to say that Leo was the "Safe" pick as he was regarded by most experts the consensus #1 can't miss of the draft. Again, not going to complain about Leo but when you look at the fact Beasley was sitting there and went two picks later, at a spot of a major need he should've been the pick. I just hope going forward Macc has learned to weight BPA vs. position of need meaning maybe Beasley was rated slightly below Leo, you should've probably still taken Beasley b/c of need and the fact he plays a more premium position. The rest of the draft sort of speaks for itself as none of these guys have contributed much
  2. Yep, I agree. While I'm still not necessarily sold on Bowles there needs to be a little more anger directed towards the GM who over 3 seasons here now has left the HC with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg, and Josh McCown at QB. It's time for Macc to show some conviction and get a franchise QB this year or he needs to he shown the door.
  3. I also heard Clev. is likely to double down on the QB position meaning they'll most likely draft a QB and look to sign a FA. I don't think Cousins would be that guy though since it they draft a QB with the first pick I don't see them wanting to be locked into a long term deal like Cousins is most likely going to get they may go the route of a Tyrod Taylor type who may be provide them more flexibility.
  4. Agreed but it's just too much of a risk in our position, maybe trade our two number two's to get back into the 1st and get an o-lineman?
  5. I'm ok with BPA available to a point but in that scenario you need to weigh the value of the position. For instance, if you have a D-Tackle ranked slightly better than say a CB you would think you would steer more towards that CB vs. the D-Tackle just because it's just a more valuable position in today's NFL. Obviously this also applies to the QB. Not that you want to reach for a player you don't believe in because that just sets the organization back further but you also have to take some risk. This is something I hope Macc has learned
  6. Agreed, but all we did was delay the rebuild that was much needed. Not to blame Idzik for everything but his two drafts and the lack of getting any real talent was debilitating to the organization long term and instead of trying to piece together a 10 win team Macc and Bowles should've went all in on the rebuild year one which I think the fans would've been much more patient of.
  7. I think it was moreso Woody's mandate to spend money and make this team competitive ASAP after the Idzik debacle. Hence the push to bring Revis back.
  8. That actually falls on ownership for creating the structure they created. Bowles is doing what he thinks gives the team the best chance to win and honestly, who can blame him he's been given no assurances beyond this year and even if it's not here he has to be thinking about his future in the league. On the otherhand you also have a GM who has no power over the coach in regards to who plays and who doesn't. In some organizations with the right owner who's more hands on and knows football that can work but for the Jet it makes no sense as neither Woody or his brother are "Football Guys" who should be involved in personal decisions. If you want a structure with the HC and GM on the same level then they should've followed the Jaguars structure and hired a Tom Coughlin type that the coach and GM report into.
  9. Look, I get that this decision is frustrating and makes no sense, I mean the Jets aren't making the payoffs this year so what's the real difference between a possible 6-7 win season other than draft position? But in the grand scheme of things this really means nothing, this is the second offensive regime (Chan and now Morton) to come in and neither one has exactly had glowing things to say about these guys which tells us all we need to know. So what if Petty steps in for 2 or 3 games and plays ok, is that really enough to warrant us not drafting or signing a QB next year? Of course not, once McCown got past week 8 as the starter I pretty much knew it was over or these guys. The coaching staff is thinking about the rest of the offense (WR's, O-Line, RB's) and developing them and pretty much moved on from the possibility of Hack or Petty being the guy. And at this point, while a bit frustrating probably the right move. Don't be mad at Bowles for this, be at Macc for putting Bowles in a position where his best option at QB is a 38 year old journeyman in McCown.
  10. I know he's an all-time great but F Revis. I read a recent article that he admitted to be 20lbs overweight last year. That to me, is unforgivable.
  11. Agreed, Cousins isn't Brady but I think fans just get way to enamored with the idea of drafting and developing a QB vs. paying a free agent. Unfortunately it looks like the Jets may have won enough games already to knock them out of a top pick and with the holes on this team you'd hate to have to trade away a ton of picks to draft a QB. Signing a FA like Cousins gives us our QB plus 3 picks in the first two rds. to beef up those positions where we desperately need help. Again, it would be ideal to draft your franchise QB b/c you then get to keep that guy under control on a pretty fair salary for the first few years but you risk not being able to build a team around that player due to the fact that you've had to trade away the rest of your draft to get him.
  12. Yep and that in turn is affecting our Guards, not to make excuses but it's no coincidence their play is down this year they are probably greatly compensating for the lack of talent at Center. Johnson could stick around as a decent backup but he cannot be out starting Center next year.
  13. I don't have a problem with what Bowles said his post game presser about Robby campaigning for Pro Bowl votes, he's been very vocal about the "team first" environment he's trying to create in that locker room. With that being said, where I do have a problem is with Bowles always being quick to call out the young guys and not the veterans. I mean I hate to assume but what if it was Forte that said that? I have a feeling his response would've been much different. I actually don't dislike Bowles overall and hate to pile on but this is just one thing I've noticed with him, he has huge favoritism towards vets vs. the young guys.
  14. See, I agree that he needs to find a QB but the worst thing he and this franchise should do is draft someone just because we need a QB. Now, if he likes Rosen or Mayfield then do whatever it takes to get him but if these guys are unattainable b/c of our draft position then go with the next best strategy. I do think they need to draft a QB this year and give that QB a real shot but a real backup plan like Tyrod Taylor could make a lot of sense.
  15. Don't hate it except for the Bradford part. Guys been hurt too much to rely on
  16. Yes and we should have enough cap room to bring them all back especially Enunwa who may look to play on a one year prove it deal so he's not locked into a cheap contract if he comes back strong, ideally, you'd like to see Hansen or Stewart step up but I guess in order to do that they actually need to get on the field. ASJ needs to cut back on the penalties but he's been the best TE this team has had in a very long time and seems to like being a Jet so I would anticipate he'll be back. Kerley, ehhh just keep Kearse and again hope one of the young guys pans out. Again I'm not apposed to bringing in another WR just saying that I don't think we need to to find the next Julio Jones.
  17. yikes, typo on my part that was actually supposed to read WR not QB completely agree we need a legit QB
  18. I also think there was a mandate from ownership to fix the mess after the Idzik debacle meaning they knew there was a good chance they were mortgaging their future for short term success but that's probably what the owner wanted hence bringing back Revis. That's not so say I want to wait another 5 years to turn this thing around but I do think there will be a much more methodical approach to how the FO does things this time around.
  19. See wr is actually one of the areas where I don't think we need to break the bank. I think you can win with a good solid receiving corps. Not saying we don't need another WR (don't forget about Enunwa) but I don't think it has to be Julio Jones if we can build a team with Robby, Enunwa, maybe keep Kearse/Kerley and hopefully one of the draft picks pans out (Hansen/Stewart) with ASJ I think that's plenty of offense With all the holes I'd rather spend money on a CB, Edge Rusher or on the o-line before WR.
  20. Sorry but this is NY Sports Radio and they were a top rated morning show. On top of that, they also lived in NY which means cost of living was higher so maybe he wasn't making $2.5mm but had to be more than $250k. Crap, I'm a mid level marketing manager and I'm pulling down about $150k/year living in NJ so it's not that far fetched at all. Also, I'm sure he had other endorsements and speaking things he got paid for as well. I know him and Boomer had a restaurant at the Barclay's Center that they were probably getting paid a licensing fee for, they were simulcasted on CBS Sports which I'm sure paid them on top of their radio salaries, and like I mentioned he also was probably making a little money doing things like paid appearances and speaking fees.
  21. Pryor was a name that has sort of flown under the radar when fans talk about the "veteran purge" that went on last offseason and while it turned out to be a good trade for the Jets, I think Bowles and Macc's mindset on getting rid pf Pryor was addition by subtraction as it looks more and more like Pryor was a locker room cancer that needed to go. The Browns have bigger problems than an ILB but what a microcosm of why the Browns are so bad. Trading a decent player for a Safety who's not even on the team anymore.
  22. That makes more sense, as much as it was being quoted around I refused to believe he was only making $250k/year. He probably also pulled down another million a year for paid appearances and what not.
  23. Fitz was a gamer while he was here but man, the entitlement he brought with him just rubbed me the wrong way and not to mention the divide in the locker room between the Pro-Fitz crowd (Marshall, Decker, Mangold etc...) and everyone else (Sheldon) really was a major reason the team fell apart the way it did last year also resulting in the purge you saw this offseason.
  24. I don't have a problem with the trade itself. Meaning, giving up a 5th rd. pick for a young CB with a lot of potential on the surface makes sense. I mean he's the type of talent you're going to find in the 4th and 5th rds anyway. I'm more disappointed with the fact that no one on the roster was able to step up. I know these later round picks are a crap shoot but I had high hopes for Juston Burris and he has just looked lost. What about Derrick Jones who we drafted in the 6th last year? Or maybe this was a spot McDougle could've filled. It's just disappointing to have to give up a draft pick because we're so think at CB
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