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  1. 11 minutes ago, MDL_JET said:

    I'm not even bothered they didn't pick Watson, i'm bothered this front office never has the balls to to find the QB we desperately need. Do you want to be part of the 'rinse and repeat' or the savior of this franchise? How many times have our GM's passed on a QB because they drafted one the year before and they want to wait and see. Keep picking one till you find one. What Jets fan is ever gonna say "oh no, we have too many young QBs".

    The 49ers have made more attempts at answering the long term QB question in one season then the Jets have in about 10. This f'n team.

    Exactly, I mean heck Andy Reid passed on Watson.  Not that makes it ok but I do agree that it's not like Watson was sitting there as this no brainer pick.  Macc's problem to this point is that he hasn't taken the risk to go and get that guy.  Sure you may fail like we did with Sanchez but it's also better than continuing to wait for next year while drafting project QB's in the late rounds.

  2. So the double whammy of the Hack pick.  We miss out on a potential impact player with that 2nd rd pick while also passing on other QB's because we want to see Hack devleop.  I would be way more willing to forgive Macc for the Hack pick if he just owned up the mistake and moved on but to pass on other potential QB's because you want to see Hack develop is just crazy.  As others have said, I do get the idea of making sure you're getting impact players with your top picks but c'mon Macc it's time to wake up this team's going nowhere with 38 year old journeyman QB's.  Take a risk!

  3. The fact of the matter is, while I like McCown as a good veteran presence to have on your roster the mistakes he's made are dumb rookie QB mistakes.  Look at yesterday as a prime example, while Cat needs to make his kicks, McCown on 3rd down knowing we're playing in a monsoon takes bad sack pushing the team back and making that a longer kick, get rid of the ball.  Plus look at the last few weeks, the INT going into the half against New England that was essentially a 10-pt swing, and awful INT to close out the Dolphin game.  These are rookie mistakes being made by a 38 year old QB, if he's going to play like that anyway why not see what you have in the young guys.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, Maxman said:

    I think there is no decision on ASJ, they need him. Sucks on Leggett though.


    23 minutes ago, CanadaSteve said:

    There is no decision.

    ASJ is playing great for us, and we have a ton of cap space.  Even if Leggett goes on to be a pro-bowler, it would be nice to have a duel-tight end threat in a west-coast offense.

    Agreed their shouoldn't be a decision but the guy is coming off some major legal issues and while it seems like he's gotten his life together you still have to be cautious about long term deals with a guy like that.  Having a good rookie TE would've at least given us some leverage/a backup plan just in case another team blew us out of the water.

  5. 12 hours ago, rangerous said:

    it was just the wrong draft unless they could've moved up to 1.  stafford went 1st followed by sanchez and then josh freeman.  after that not much.  only stafford and sanchez remain from that draft.

    Yep like I said it didn't work out but I do like that they took the chance and went a real potential franchise QB.  Considering our QB situation it's amazing to think this organization hasn't taken a QB in the first rd since 2009.  I know Macc hasn't been here since then so it's not all his fault, my point though is that it's time, we can't keep using the whole"next years QB class is better" argument.

  6. Poor Rex always the victim, still playing that "If I only had a QB" card when I'm sure he was just as much on board with the Sanchez pick than Tanny was.  By the way, while it didn't work out well I do give Tanny and Rex credit for at least getting aggressive and trying to find a franchise guy.  Its your turn Macc no more 3rd and 4th rd projects.

  7. The ironic part is that when Mac was hired he continuously preached the concept of "draft a QB every year until you find one"  Well, the one year we have a franchise QB staring us in the face that we don't need to trade down for we pass.  I'm not bashing Macc cause a lot of teams passed on Watson but man, we cannot catch a break with the QB position.

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  8. Jets are at a crossroads here with their next 4 games leading up to the bye.  Anything less than 2-2 and I think you'll see Petty.  However, with the parity in this league so far if they are able to get through the next 4 at 5-5 I would think they'd still be very much "in the hunt" and it also probably means McCown has played well enough to continue as the starting QB.   The conference games are big too they need to beat Miami and Buffalo or its over as far as dreams of a playoff berth are concerned.

  9. 14 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Since last year, when they were mailing it in like dogs?

    Well, I think there was a huge divide last year that was ripping this team apart last year.  You had a bunch of vets basically threatening to sit out because of a veteran journeyman QB like Fitz who didn't back it up with his play on the field.  And while I think he was a good pickup while he was here I do think that after a while Marshall just runs his course on a team and has a way of rubbing teammates the wrong way plus the dynamic of Marshall and Sheldon was a recipe for disaster.   

  10. I really do like how the team has responded to the call.  Not to beat a dead horse because the guy isn't even in the league anymore but under Rex you could see this team playing the whole victim, woe is me card.  Instead the team has come out and said acknowledged that while they think it was a bad call they had plenty of opportunities and that call would not have guaranteed a win.  You can get on Bowles for some of his in game time management, which don't get me wrong is still a huge part of being a good coach but I will say this.  The guy has been successful at changing the culture, he has a team that is playing hard for him and thinks they can win regardless of the noise and that says a lot.

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  11. I think the NFL really needs to reevaluate replay and not just because of this game.  Yes, I'm in complete agreement that call was b.s. but at the same time, look around the league the refs are getting worse because of replay.  It's become a crutch for the refs, I mean they know in the back of their mind they can make the call knowing it'll probably be up for replay especially scoring plays. I don't know, maybe the league already does this but I think they need to start penalizing refs if they have too many overturned calls in a season.  Hold them accountable, don't let replay just make the decision for them.

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  12. 3 hours ago, nyjunc said:

    McCown is old, we are going to need a vet and acquiring someone like him wouldn't stop us from drafting someone.  think Seattle when they got Flynn, did it stop them from drafting Wilson? or Chicago this year w/ Glennon and Trubisky.  w/ that injury compensation wouldn't be too high and he was on his way to becoming a good NFL QB. 

    exactly, I would consider him for the right price as a veteran insurance option to compete with Petty/Hack and a Rookie QB but I wouldn't rely on him as the guy

  13. One thing I hope Macc has realized from this season and watching teams like the Browns vs. say the Texans or the Eagles is that at some point you have to take a chance and draft a QB early.  I know there's plenty of examples to cite of these guys panning out but taking these 2nd, 3rd, 4th rd. projects are such a crap shoot.  When you have a chance to take a guy with real potential even if he may have his flaws take him and hope it works out.  If you don't you just end up in constant rebuilding mode.  The Browns passed on both Wentz and Watson for what?  To acquire more picks and continue to draft 2nd and 3rd rd QB's.  

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  14. 12 hours ago, MDL_JET said:

    I saw someone on twitter mention trading Powell before the deadline. Since he'll be 29, and would probably get a lot more then Forte would at this point. Which are good points, especially with teams like Vikings and Green Bay may be looking for a new RB. 

    I thought about that as well but the thing about Powell is that he's a fairly "young 29" meaning he hasn't taken the beating most RB's have by his age mainly b/c he's been mostly a backup/situation RB with Ivory and then Forte carrying the load the last 4 years.  That being said, I still wouldn't be apposed to moving him at the right price as painful as that could be since he's really become a fan favorite.

  15. 51 minutes ago, dbatesman said:

    And then the owner decided not to hire the guy he, Wolf, and Casserly thought was best for the job because Mehta told him not to (ha, ha)

    that's the point that's being missed.  No one's saying Marrone is the next Bellichek but to not hire him because Mehta wrote a nasty article speaks volumes to Woody as an owner.

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  16. Woody's an idiot for basing his decision off a few Manish Mehta articles but Marrone takes blame in that whole saga as well.  He was the one opting of his contract he had to know what the optics of that would be.  Regardless, you'd have to think there's some extra motivation for him to beat the Jets.

  17. A microcosm of what's wrong with society today, read more than just the headline.  Especially from a clickbait site like TMZ.  And Decker saying he wants to go to a winner is no surprise he's not 25 anymore, and football is a brutal sport especially for a guy who's had a ton of injuries he knows his days in the NFL and numbered.  I actually applaud him for thinking more about winning than who's going to pay the most.

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