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  1. I think our running game is going to be huge. Bilal and Enunwa all day long. Sammy takes a back seat in the ball control scheme of things. He will connect a few times deep with Anderson when Miami starts stacking the box trying to stop our running game. Controlling the game is what I want to see out of Sammy and OC.
  2. I'm not seeing anything about the running of old man Gore. He looked impressive from what i saw vs Titans. He was his typical bull self and seemed spry. I dunno, maybe its just me.......but we have to repeat stopping the run like we did vs Lions, and if that happens........I wouldn't bet against "Tannespill" getting picked at least 3x and a fumble to boot. I'm especially excited about having some playmakers. Creating turnovers wins games......haven't had a really good "plus" team in that category in some time.
  3. larrybiv

    Pepsi rookie of the week (Darnold?)

    My bad guys.......indeed "rookie of the week". Sorry, its still early for me and only one cup of coffee. Again, my apologies.
  4. In case anyone wants to........nfl.com about halfway down the page is where you can vote for Sam as player of the week.
  5. Definitely is noteworthy and something that surfaces through every long time fan especially. I remember feeling this way about Sanchez coming out of USC and all those large crowds, figuring he would be able to handle the NY pressure. Nope, he was too busy playing off the field. This kid seems legit football, all football, every day football. I'm betting on him and his ability, but mostly on his inner fortitude and being "an old soul" which is something I have NEVER heard being used in ANY sport........usually its the catch phrase of ""he's so talented". Old souls are regularly affiliated with 4 year old musicians. So, mark me down here in these history books, to look upon years later with Super Bowl victories in our rafters? Lol. P.S. Now just get a solid O-line together and protect this kid. Allow him some time along with a good running game......so defenses cant blitz all day. And, most improtantly.........stay healthy.
  6. larrybiv

    Another Darnold stat

    Definitely agree with 9 out of 10. #4 is very iffy for me. Seemed many instances i was screaming at the tv.......hurry snap it! This particular issue has ALWAYS been one of my "Jet Peeves". I long for the day when i see any Jet QB get up to the line regularly with 15 seconds on the clock, let alone Sam. That would be lethal. Cant stand Brady, but something to admire about how he (and i guess Belichick) go about their business. P.S. LOVE lupz27 post above a few posts......nice read and very well stated with tons of legit positivity.
  7. larrybiv

    Monday night announcers

    Upon hearing her voice, I too originally thought it was a "very young man" with an annoyingly raspy voice. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted in finding it was a woman. I felt ashamed that I was fooled, and disgusted all in the same breath. Boy do I miss Howard Cosell......."Hello everybody, this is Howard Cosell speaking of sports". And Frank's......"Turn out the lights, the party's over, they say that all good things must come to an end"........the true highlight of yesteryear MNF games.
  8. larrybiv

    Monday night announcers

    Word has it, she was the only survivor in that pool, the rest had drowned. She took in a lot of water, and apparently it damaged her vocal cords.
  9. Didnt have the opportunity (wouldnt have bailed though, but the thought may have been there) I had a helluva time upgrading my directv package (i hate espn) 45 minutes on phone, so i missed 1st quarter and then some. Pleasantly surprised with 10-7 lead.

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