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  1. Darnold won't be the better QB because he has an idiot for an HC and a bad team around him. Also, don't know why the cuckoo crew feels the need to prostrate themselves defending the surefire FQB Darnold...over the horrendous, very bad Allen
  2. So you're saying we have a love triangle of suck?
  3. I predict the punishment is no where near what they should get for getting caught...again
  4. Look, I think much of the Sam whining is ridiculous, but do we really need a new thread every time another QB makes a bad play?
  5. So much for all those good feeling about eeking out a win over the Dolphins. Giants spanked them.
  6. It's emotional. People would rather believe that he's secretly a genius rather than face the stark reality that he's going to be here at least one more year which means that Sam is either ruined or his rookie deal is wasted and then it's facing several years of what if Sam doesn't become a top 5 QB to justify his 2nd contract so the question is do you stick with a guy who can't carry a whole team on his back (of which saying even the top 5 QBs today can do that consistently is probably a stretch) or move on back to the land of Genos and Hackenbergs hoping to hit on one. Hiring Gase is a mistake that could stretch out several years in fixing so it's much easier to hope that somehow, despite past and current results, that he undergoes some transformation to unleash the genius he's been hiding from everyone and ends up being even an average head coach.
  7. I get that emotionally you want this to be true, but the facts are against you. I'm sorry.
  8. Strange because Seattle, SF, NE, KC, and HOU are the playoff teams that have about the same amount of injuries as the Jets. ..then LAC, Miami, Washington, and Denver are teams who have a similar amount of injuries that aren't in the playoffs.. So something you've never seen before happens to about 1/3 of the league...so perhaps your perception is off
  9. also the Geno argument.. Still better than the whole period where people were saying that not playing meant Hackenberg was awesome
  10. I'd move the team to Toronto so all the long suffering fans can stop having to follow this perennial dumpster fire
  11. Not related to my feelings on Sam, but 'flashes' is the one dumbest things people say about players. All players in the NFL can show flashes. You don't get signed to a team if you're not able to show 'flashes'. Consistency is what matters.
  12. This is Gase's MO. He needs the 'right' players for his system...which he never gets because that's nearly impossible to do because you're gonna lose guys. Getting the perfect set of players to execute his one perfectly planned drive a game will never happen.

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