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  1. Expecting anything more than spot duty from Gore is not sound football strategy
  2. Sar I is trolling the people who think every move the Jets have made the last decade is gold despite the lack of success. It's satire, he makes very silly arguments in favor of the Jets showing just how hysterical some fans of the team are..so he makes posts prancing around like the Jets accomplished something highlighting just how little they have done.
  3. in the litany of dumb things pff does/says...this is one of the dumbest...but hey, they got someone to post this and give them attention so mission accomplished.
  4. it's 1.5m. That's the great part. End. It could have been fully guaranteed and it wouldn't matter. Of course, a traffic cone doesn't have the vet minimum so it would have cost even less.
  5. So...are all the other posts on here about national media members predicting unrivaled Jets success invalidated?
  6. No, but what more could he have done that wasn't going to mortgage the future? Douglas is in a bad situation so he has certainly made bad moves (and will make bad moves for as long as he's a GM because all GMs make bad moves..the good GMs give themselves the flexibility to get out of the bad ones), but there's two key areas that he is different (and better in my opinion) than the previous GMs... 1. His FA signings are shorter terms deals with less painful 'outs'. There's few contracts that really bite after year 3 if he wants out of them. 2. He drafted/signed FAs to slightly improve the overall talent level of the team rather than drastically improve few areas where there 'holes' and leave other areas just as bereft of talent as before. I suspect that like 50% of his FA signing will not be viable options, but a lot of base hits seems better than a single home run.
  7. You really stuck it to the like..two people who said there would no season whatsoever. Do you also dunk on toddlers who have those fisher price basketball hoops?
  8. That means something for the Jets?
  9. Well, they still don't have anyone who can play if Sam goes down
  10. WHAAAT?! I was told on this very forum, that Jamal is a JET and he wants to be here more than anywhere else. Now I find out that's not true and he wants the most money possible. Why do you guys have to lie to me and break my heart all the time?

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