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  1. Greatest Impact on 2018 Jets

    McCown will be the biggest FA addition to the team.
  2. Will Bengals cut Dalton?

    Here comes a tag team of Fitzpatrick and McCown
  3. It's interesting that you mock the mocking of drafting an easy to obtain position like safety compared to the more difficult to obtain tight end.
  4. I love the it's not Bowles fault he's conservative! It's because he doesn't have the players. Some of ya'll will defend anything.
  5. 3 picks i the top 50? How often do you think that comes in a contract negotiation?
  6. Jets will sign Trent Richardson instead now
  7. If you think this matters to where cousins is going...you're nuts.
  8. Schefter: Jets Hire Rick Dennison

    That is incredibly misleading. Buffalo had been at the top of rushing offense for a few years and dropped this year under dennison.
  9. I predict it will go as well as it did the 1st time.
  10. An out of the box idea

    Seriously? What if Bowles sees this and thinks it's actually possible?!
  11. Josh McCown on NFLN now

    only if it comes in at 12million
  12. They have different names.
  13. Scuttlebutt was that Marrone and Schwartz didn't like each other a great deal. Schwartz was also under contract and only let out later after Rex decided they weren't compatible. The likelihood of Schwartz ever getting to NY was extremely low.