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  1. that end of the half sequence was hilarious
  2. Even if he was good (which he's not), he's been on two teams where he didn't have a chance due to bad rosters, bad coaching, horrendous o-lines, dropsy wide receivers, etc I think he may be as good as Mayfield. Speaking of Mayfield, he has generously gifted the Seahawks points and the lead. Such a nice guy. So humble too.
  3. I see Bowles is implementing his bend, but also break defense today.
  4. The post I quoted...see you still don't know how forums work...
  5. oh, yes, I'm certain Robby would be thrilled to take a lower contract on a team that he believes didn't use him correctly because..he doesn't want to move..
  6. Why would Robby be looking to make a deal under those same circumstances? He could likely get the same as the Jets are offering in free agency and pick his situation?
  7. Saw a headline that said, "Jets sign DT to new contract" I crossed everything I could and muttered, "Please not Leo" over and over and clicked... Pfew..glad that little nightmare is over
  8. I also think Leonard Williams has been "unbelievable"...just like giving him 14 mill
  9. It's going to be 6-10 or as I like to call it, the Todd Bowles Special
  10. Whoa, are you saying that Blake Bortles' talent doesn't so far eclipse all other players drafted that it doesn't make him a good pick?
  11. I think the FB position is going to move the way of the TE. More of guy who can do all the things...some better than others. Basically, I think we'll start see TEs operating out of the backfield in the "FB" role.

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