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  1. Mac's gonna save Woody a bunch of money by firing all of the scouting staff because ya know, whether a guy is any good is just a thing that happens or it doesn't. Training staff can go too.
  2. Jags sign ASJ

    He's not very good. He's never been very good, so suspecting that he's going to be good is silly. Bringing him back would be foolish. However, the jets will likely utterly mismanage the TE position and not acquire any useful talent.
  3. Wow, the opioid epidemic is really out of control
  4. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    This is a pretty good deal. Broken clock is right twice a day and all that.
  5. The Sheldon dream is dead...

    What a crappy dream....No eye Laser shooting dinosaurs, naked chicks, rocket horses, flying motorcycles, or electric shock nipple tassels.
  6. Never go full Bowles.
  7. You're underestimating Jets fans. I think we'll get at least one trade for cousins thread.

    I have a bold prediction. The Jets won't sign him.
  9. Pouncey Cut

    What has Pouncey done in the last couple years that makes him desirable?
  10. Jags sign ASJ

    What does the Jets finding a TE have to do with ASJ?
  11. McCown signs contract at Chik-fil-A

    Strange. I buy coffee all the time and free trade has never come up once, but damn if I can't go to an internet forum without hearing someone bitching about snowflakes.
  12. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    Live Picture from Jets front office:
  13. So the Jets signed McCown and Bridgewater...guess they aren't drafting a QB either.
  14. Demario Davis To The Saints

    The saints will regret this deal. Davis had a good contract year. He'll be normal Demario and suck arse for them.
  15. Noooooooo, not Jojo!