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  1. Do they come with Wentz and Goff? People always seem to hype up the QB coach...but how many have success with multiple QBs?
  2. Why does he deserve credit for that?
  3. The stuff about Bowles sounds like what we've seen the past couple years
  4. There is no logic in keeping Bowles on staff with this many games left unless they're thinking of keeping him around even longer.
  5. Man, he should just walk into court and enter the Bills game into evidence. I think he'd win.
  6. Of course it hasn't changed! They still have losers like Adamas on the roster!
  7. jeremy2020

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Bowles also wasn't happy about having to start McCown who barely has any experience. He would have preferred someone with more experience.
  8. jeremy2020

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Wasn't this the exact same excuse for Mayfield? And who the hell needs tape on Barkley? Mat freakin Barkley!
  9. jeremy2020

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    the hell is wrong with you, boy?
  10. jeremy2020

    Hue Jackson back to Bengals

    Bowles does not hire coaches who could potentially replace him.
  11. jeremy2020

    I hate losing but...

    and yet he's still here...
  12. jeremy2020

    If the JETS win against the PATS.

    Bowles has a week to plans for the Bills. Imagine the disaster when he has double that to plan.
  13. jeremy2020

    I hate losing but...

    Huh? It's not decided, but the original poster says "a top 3 pick might make the Head Coaching job look a helluva lot more attractive". And yes, my supposition has been that Bowles was promised a safe year for starting Darnold. He may end up coaching himself out of it, but I think he was promised a...leniency when it's determined if he comes back next season.

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