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  1. I'd say nice things about anyone on this board for a few million dollars.
  2. This is classic case of fans just wanting to get rid of a guy no matter what. Look, I don't like Lee as a player, but there's zero benefit to just getting rid of him.
  3. Is signing a guy who's mostly played guard and was benched really addressing the problem?
  4. If I was Macc, my drafting strategy would be to stop, just stop. Let someone who knows what they're doing do it instead.
  5. Todd Bowles presided over the 25th ranked defense which is pretty good by the standards of some posters on this board. That's only 4 spots behind Gregg Williams defense.
  6. The sign that you have a good argument is when you insult other posters about how they can't understand your genius that failure is really success.
  7. jeremy2020

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    Pats. The team he won a Superbowl with..
  8. So poor, under-performing guard is a decent to good solution to start at center? What are you people smoking?
  9. keep moving those goalposts for Mac. I'm sure he appreciates you being the only one to believe he's a good GM. Not even his mom thinks he's good at it.
  10. jeremy2020

    49ers release DE Cassius Marsh

    In the neverending quest to literally suggest picking up anyone..We have Cassius Marsh
  11. Yeah, ahead of schedule. Only year 5.
  12. jeremy2020

    Anthony Barr interview on NFL network

    Mac has a horseshoe shoved up his ass saving him from the half the horrible contracts he tries to give out.
  13. jeremy2020

    Golden Tate to Giants

    Is mac GMing for both New York teams now?
  14. jeremy2020

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    I want a refund.
  15. jeremy2020

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    So your argument is that Bell will be such a stunning success that they will cut him... Excellent. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/9/6/17600618/nfl-salary-cap-2018-everything-to-know-about-salaries

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