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  1. I like this thread..we know he's going to be signed and none of this matters in the end, but let's get stupid! I bet he's not going to sign and force a trade to the pats!
  2. what about every single post that unitedwhoisfans has ever posted?
  3. This seems much more plausible than the Jets going 11-5
  4. They're not trading him. When will people realize that pft just says stuff to get people riled up.
  5. I like that people here think tannehill is a starting QB in the NFL.
  6. It's exactly what he did with the Fins and made pretty poor defensive coordinator choices. So..he went out and hired a guy whose defenses haven't ranked much better than Todd Bowles the last five years.
  7. Oh, look, one of the "real fan" positive pollys who's going to be "done" with the jets if they don't win. Shocking.
  8. Quick, someone shoot up the Mac sign...wait, no, don't do that. Never do that.
  9. Thanks, Captain Obvious. Pretty much every team has some sort of analytics department now.
  10. This is such a genius move. Gase is such a genius. This Matt guy is genius too. I wasn't sure about a Superbowl, but now it's almost guaranteed.
  11. I don't think the league is serious about 18 games. I think it's a bargaining chip where they have nothing to lose.
  12. just hoping they don't get the QB killed..

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