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  1. oh, I misunderstood. I thought this was Mike White appreciating that he gets an NFL paycheck.
  2. 1. Players showing extreme talent often fail in the NFL. 2. Zach has not been consistent. 3. Zach will need to be consistent to succeed. 4. That Zach has flashed has no bearing on whether or not he can become consistent. 5. I made no statement on whether or not he could become consistent. 6. I made no statement on outside factors that would make being consistent more difficult for Zach. So to be clear, I was talking about the silly idea that because a player flashed in the NFL that it means anything. I understand you had a rant building inside of you th
  3. I agree that Zach isn't ready to take the reigns, but the reigns were never attached to anything either.
  4. The legend of Gregg Knapp is greatly exaggerated. I feel bad that he died, but that doesn't suddenly change that he wasn't very good and had poor results for most of his career. He was most well known for his stints as offensive coordinator where his claim to (in)fame was switching to zone blocking schemes and the offensive lines being much worse than they were before... Sound familiar? The QBs he worked with: 1998: Steve Young 1999 - 2000: Jeff Garcia 2004 - 2006: Michael Vick 2007: Josh McNown 2008: JaMarcus Russel 2009 - Matt Hassleback 2010 - 2
  5. In which you've crowned Zach Wilson, Saleh and LeFluer to the HOF when they're having by every measure, the worst Jets season. Yes, it's stupid. Glad you figured it out.
  6. This is one of the dumbest things I ever see said about NFL players. Every player in the NFL can flash or make plays. They made it to the highest point of their profession. However, flashing a few plays a game isn't enough to make you a good NFL player. Consistency is what matters and his hasn't improved so far. So no matter what amazing throws he can make (remember the same is said about Darnold and his ability to make off-script plays). None of it will matter unless Zach becomes more consistent which is why we keep hearing about his ability to make the short throws.
  7. My hunch is it's more of this staff thinking they're playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers, but really they're playing tic-tac-toe.
  8. I'm really starting to think that 'hitting' on a GM who can tear down and then build back up a team is like trying to hit on a franchise QB. A real crapshoot. I'm wondering if it makes a lot more sense to bring in a guy to tear it down and collect assets. Look at Douglass and Grier in Miami.. both tore down and got a LOT of assets, but neither one seems to be able to use those assets. So what if the NFL had a class of GM who comes in and tears it down, collects assets, but you spend that year looking for your real GM who is gonna come in and use those assets. Given the importance o
  9. I initially read that as "Flacco reluctantly resigns" and was like, "I don't think it would be reluctantly..
  10. If he can benefit from that now, why couldn't have have benefitted from it all offseason and all of the previous games?
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