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  1. jeremy2020

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    Believing has worked every time before so definitely
  2. jeremy2020

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Can we get an early start on "Well, Gase is really the OC..."?
  3. The Jets had 114 penalties for 948 yards. The Dolphins had 108 penalties for 978 yards. I'm curious what leads you to believe that the Jets will take less penalties under Gase.
  4. Did anyone ask him why those rules failed so hard in Miami?
  5. jeremy2020

    Goodbye 3-4

    People get hung up on 4-3 and 3-4 waaaay too much.
  6. jeremy2020

    How can any Jet fan not be excited?

    You say that like you're not a Jet fan.
  7. jeremy2020

    Thoughts on Devin white?

    Remember when Jamal stepped his talking game last offseason about how good the Jets and the secondary was going to be? Good times.
  8. jeremy2020

    Demario Davis To The Saints

    Gisele don't allow moping in her house. Tommeh better leave that sh*t on the plane.
  9. jeremy2020

    Shoring up the OL

    Shh...Mac is all of the sudden a genius now on these boards.
  10. If you ignore all the bad stuff and the history of bad decisions then you too can talk yourself into believing in miracles!
  11. jeremy2020

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    No, I'd never use Martz's opinion on anything in 2019. He's not relevant anymore. You say this about "they'd be bringing it up ad nausuem" like you wouldn't be trashing Martz if he said something not complementary of him. Just like the folks on here praising McCarthy and Rhule a few days ago are now spinning conspiracy theories about them leaking information to make themselves look better for not taking the Jets job.
  12. jeremy2020

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    because in the modern pass happy NFL, no one will hire him and he's a coach for the AFL. He hasn't worked with Gase since 2008. Do you give out recommendations for jobs to people you haven't worked with in 11 years? These EXACT same stories heralding the greatness of Todd Bowles were written and the same folks said "Wait and see" while touching themselves to each article from guys out of the league...
  13. jeremy2020

    McCagnon had help now

    to be fair, it's better than mac making the decisions
  14. jeremy2020

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    20 years ago...
  15. and the d*cisucking brigade who were fellating McCarthy before they heard he opted out and blaming everything on Aaron Rodgers?? You act like only one side is ridiculous.

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