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  1. The Pat's fans are talking about Mac Jones winning the day against cam.. The Bills fans are talking Allen blowing up camp and darting perfect throws.. The Fin's fans are talking about... Tua Ta...errr...Jacoby Brisset's (WTF?) big day.. The Jet's fans are talking whether their billionaire owners will pay a few million to their starting QB now or in a couple years.. J.E.T.S.
  2. The guy in front of him and the guy behind him in the draft have concessions on offsets in their contract. Good luck with Zach just saying, "it's cool."
  3. Did he bring a QB with him?
  4. Ahh, the good ole days when the clown show wasn't about actual Football things. It would be nice to be back to those days.
  5. Are people really trying to sell themselves a narrative that Zach missing snaps is good because we'll find out what we have in White and Morgan? I'll tell you what we have and Zach can just take the snaps. They're Christian Hackenberg levels of good.
  6. I seriously didn't believe they would let Zach miss a snap over this. Him missing a single snap is stupid.
  7. I bet there are some geniuses on this board that predicted this from the first moment this stupidity started. I think I might even know one of them.
  8. The proudly ignorant. Such a joy to learn from you geniuses.
  9. You have a hard time with simple concepts like "I didn't say these things"
  10. That is a really bad way to analyze a player's ability. Like really bad.
  11. Bold statement to say the Jets were playing in the same league as Brady for the last 10 years. One has been an XFL team and the other played in the NFL.
  12. I personally think we should have more late night conversations where we braid each other's hair and talk about what type of QB a guy who's never thrown even a single pass in training camp is going to be. It sounds like oh so much fun.
  13. No, he's not. You can close the thread now. You're welcome.
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