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  1. C;mon this is the Jets in 2020...Flacco is going to come throw 3 picks sixes in the 1st quarter and rip off his jersey revealing a Broncos jersey underneath while Elway teabgas Darnold on the sideline.
  2. They get traded to good teams? Damn...Sam about to start pissing off Gase in 3..2...1....
  3. 34-16 Colts. Jets with an offensive explosion (in garbage time of course)
  4. It's what made Gase this way...He'd write down the order, get in line and then Manning would call him up with an audible to switch from milk to creamer
  5. That was what made him a great choice for head coach. He was able to attract a solid staff and now he's a victim of his own success. Guys are going to get jobs at other teams and they bring a couple guys with them and they have to be replaced. How deep is that rolodex? When the Jets look for a new coach, they need to look at who he can bring on his staff. Look at the quality of Gase's staff here and in Miami.
  6. Someone asked Baldinger to break down Becton 🤣🤣🤣
  7. It's always been a thing for him. He didn't allow the QBs in Miami to audible either. Nothing to do with Sam specifically...
  8. If there's a new coach, Darnold is done. He may get a chance to compete with the new QB, but it won't be a real competition. The most attractive thing the Jets would have going for them is a #1 overall pick with the choice of Lawrence or another QB
  9. Seattle's defense was abysmal.. it's been abysmal for years now. It doesn't look like it's going to be any better this season.
  10. There's literally been 1 player in the history of the NFL who could overcome Gase's 'coaching' and that's because he ignored it and sent him to get his coffee
  11. it fits right in with his, "We were moving the ball" comment. Defenses moved to a bend, but don't break model awhile ago. The philosophy being ho ahead, offense, and take 3 yards on every play and we'll bet that somewhere along the line that you'll make a mistake that kills your drive. Meanwhile, we, the defense, will take precautions to limit our liability to make a mistake (big play). Gase is a bull running through a red cloth. They have to be laughing that he thinks he's having success 'moving the ball' when he doesn't score any points. He sits there thinking he's calling the good plays and doesn't even have the capacity to realize he's being clowned.
  12. These two things don't line up. It's the fastest speed in 3 or 5 years (depending on source) and both of those are faster than the fastest human speed record.. in football pads.. Sounds like next gen stats is taking some very specific slice of something here..
  13. or me...PFF grades are made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like the police department in Colombia.

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