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  1. based on some of the people I've seen in the games.. those don't necessarily seem to be requirements.
  2. I'm just happy I'm not in a roster battle with anyone looking like they'll be on the 53 for a change. If I had gotten off the couch a time or two, I think I could have beaten a couple guys out the last couple years.
  3. You're well on your way to eclipsing the legacy of defensewinschampionship in a brutally short time.
  4. Jets with Jamal Adams 16 wins, 32 losses - That's a .33% win rate Jets with CJ Mosley 11 wins, 21 losses - That's a 34% win rate. You're right, The Mosley Era Jets are SMOKING the Jamal Jets. Also.. you may want to calm down, lighten up and you'll realize that every post made is not necessarily serious and that posters have histories like good ole @Joe W. Namath and people might do stuff to have some fun with them.
  5. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/08/08/jamal-adams-shock-jets-dont-make-playoffs-2018/
  6. The sub .500 promised land... what a time to be alive.
  7. Remember, you have to bench 300lbs, have less than 1% body fat and run a 4.1 40 yard dash in order to critique Becton.
  8. You'd think a guy who has already won a Superbowl in the future with a team would be more grateful.
  9. You've changed your argument. I never said it made sense for both teams. I'll ignore that part of it. The Browns need Baker's salary off the team. Everything says he'd be gone if the Panthers would pay his entire salary. They are more interested in getting him to a new team and his salary off the books then the compensation (I'm not saying they'll trade him for a 7th, but that the difference between Becton + they pay no salary and a 2nd favors the side where they don't pay Mayfield anything).
  10. If the Jets pay his full salary, they'd trade him Becton without question.
  11. The Dolphins are running a variant of the same offense from the 49ers. The 49ers rushed more than the Jets did last season. They brought in 3 new RBs. What leads you believe they will not be rushing in the same neighborhood as the Jets?
  12. If Baker was smart, he'd suck it up and play. He'd be a hero on every single media program and message board around the league. He's literally been given the opportunity to have a mediocre year and get Dashaun Watson money for it.
  13. This is that sport where you can't use your hands on the ball? Makes sense then since the Jets WRs have been training like this for years.
  14. Again, with your veiled shots at Mike White! Of course he's a Jets fan.
  15. How dare you take a veiled shot at Mike White, our lord and savior.
  16. I have to believe he said 'eat their words' on purpose. ...but can we get one all encompassing Becton thread? This is reaching Jamal Adams levels now.
  17. I think it's trending more towards asylum at the moment
  18. Tell that to Charles Haley "In a new book coming out by Jeff Pearlmen called “Boys Will Be Boys” it is revealed that 49ers and Cowboys DE Charles Haley used to masturbate in the locker room and during meetings."
  19. Put him next to @The Crusher and I couldn't tell the difference
  20. This guy shouldn't ever play a down for them or the league.
  21. Didn't he literally have career highs in targets and receptions? I'm not sure how that equate to 'not using him'. KC made a smart decision. I predict Miami regrets that contract.
  22. These boybands are getting worse every year
  23. No, it didn't. When you're attention whoring on a football fan forum.. you're probably not in a good place. Get Well Soon, Dunnie.
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