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  1. Yes, you apparently don't understand what a POST is and what hitting submit does as well as how quotes and replies work.
  2. Oh, FFS, how do you still now know how a message board works? He was replying to 14 in Green.
  3. Imagine if Richie Incognito was a linebacker with half the brains and half the crazy
  4. Or...ya know...actually you might not know...not giving up assets to give a guy a record setting contract...and..this one is going to cause you to sh*t yourself...if you continually draft good players, you don't have to give out record setting contracts every year.
  5. Strange that it is an idea the owners keep floating then..
  6. Yea, why draft good players when you can give up draft picks AND record setting contracts?
  7. Regardless, he's going to be on the roster. Hopefully, he puts in together during the year or next summer.
  8. Steelers got a lot of production out of him and knew when to cut bait. They seem to have a penchant for cutting bait with drama queens at the right time.
  9. Belichick has seemed to be able to handle it just fine for the last 3 years.
  10. Brilliant move by the front office. Just spectacular. 31 other teams just missed on this superstar.
  11. I'm not pessimistic about Darnold. What about Gase and his results should have me jumping for joy?
  12. You seem confused between spin and things that actually happened
  13. Gase did the same thing in Miami...still had a bottom 3rd offense...
  14. This will be a fun post to resurrect when after the regular season and game planning starts.
  15. Yes, all the reason in the world to forget the last several years in which his defense have been in the bottom 3rd of the league because of single pre-season game where they generated pressure (but still couldn't stop the other team without the luck of drops)
  16. People getting a little too pumped up about pre-season
  17. I have no idea why Ryan is still out there. Seems crazy.
  18. Jets defense last season: 25th Gregg Williams Last season: 30th Jets fans: #1 defense this year!

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