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  1. Yea, I'm outraged there's not more celebration about Tua going out on a stretcher and his brain likely being scrambled eggs! You're diseased.
  2. I am not abducting Ulbrich and sending him to the moon just to be fan of the year.
  3. A 5 year extension with an out at 3 years.. and likely to be extended again to bring his cap hit down in years 4 and 5... umm, thank you for proving my point.
  4. I'm pretty sure the phrase "Not Guilty by Mental Disease or Defect" is in @Joe W. Namath's future
  5. If running up stairs doesn't create a culture then what the hell is there in this world that can?
  6. He posted a picture from his rehab earlier today:
  7. I bet none of those teams even have a 12 year plan. Good times are ahead Jets fans!
  8. Looking forward to Garrett Wilson blocking 98% of plays!
  9. So do I, but it doesn't keep me on the Jets roster
  10. While I don't think him being inaccurate on these things really matters.. McDaniel: "Tua will do everything he can to play. Happy with the way he’s, so far, progressed. And feel very optimistic because of how he’s going about it." McDermott: "We're constantly evaluating and when we have something definitive we'll let you know. I can't give you a timeline until we know more." Belichick: "I can neither confirm nor deny if that player is still alive." All of the other AFC East teams have a significant injury or injuries and none of them have this strange difficulty with communicating about them.
  11. Saleh on Monday: Day to Day. We'll see where he's at on Wednesday. Tuesday: 4 weeks.
  12. I don't see anything definitive, but profootballrumors.com talks about it will be important for him when he gets back because he's in a contract year which leads me to believe it's short term
  13. To be fair, SF is only 3rd in DVOA after losing the defensive mastermind that is Saleh. Nothing a couple of Bosas or Watts won't fix.
  14. I think the real problem is that JFM hasn't learned all the WR positions.
  15. Just you wait until he goes to Carolina where he'll have some weaponz and Zach will show everyone!
  16. Has someone contacted Child Services? Exposing a young child to the jets is cruel and unusual.
  17. Procrastination isn't getting us anywhere. Let's start talking about the draft in July next year.
  18. Don't blame Zach. I've heard he just likes a lot of grass on the field... and Mot..err..Met life doesn't offer that.
  19. You can't really judge until year 10 of the twelve year plan
  20. Whoops. How do you not know that? How embarrassing for you.
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