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  1. There were people in charge there who decided to hire him. They made their own mess.
  2. I still contend these photos were staged. He has an assistant and a janitor who's going to clean that office if he doesn't do it himself. He would have had to tell them to leave them on his desk.
  3. Gase was experienced at getting coffee and getting his squishy ass pounded.
  4. I think a lot of people in this thread really enjoyed watching DBs dry hump WRs more than 'good defensive football'
  5. It's funny. It was pure insanity when biggie mac drafted two safeties back to back and you still shouldn't draft a safety in the 1st unless they're a transcendent talent, but Safeties have grown in important a great deal (as has 'slot corner'). The emphasis on passing has most defenses spending their time in nickel so getting value from the safety position is more important than ever. You can't afford to invest vast resources into it (unless you're a team talented enough to afford a luxury pick), but you need solid play from both of those positions. The Jets should be looking around the league at that position to get ready for the offseason.
  6. This question will get wildly different answers based on the QB the team has..
  7. ...but he wouldn't have been any good here..
  8. wow, backup QBs in before the 3rd quarter is over in a Monday night game. NFL must be thrilled. The other game looking like it might go the same way.
  9. Derrick Henry has kept a lot of people employed in that organization
  10. Losing AJ Brown was a huge blow. Teams can stack the box against Henry now. Tannehill is a very average QB.
  11. ..and like every one of them is low
  12. He was stopped pretty well for most of the game until Ravens decided to just stop even covering him at all for some reason.
  13. no idea why they ever stopped taking DTs with every 1st round pick
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