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  1. 6 minutes ago, Ruby2 said:

    I wonder how much is QBs basically being meh vs how spreading everyone out can create running lanes. 

    Defenses have gotten lighter and acquired personnel to support their playing nickel the majority of the time to slow down the passing offenses of the last several years. The culmination of years of defenses making this adjustment likely have had an effect as offenses counter the 2 high that's been used to slow down potent passing offenses. 

    In addition, the NFL adjusted the rules for holding in the 2021 offseason so that's it's called less. I imagine that's led to an easier time running. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Was he reimbursed with bailout money or something?  

    It's likely he has a private foundation or donor advised fund. The very wealthy don't donate the same way as you or I would do so.

    There's also a reason almost every single player has a 'charity' foundation or something and it's not because they love the community so much.

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  3. 3 hours ago, KRL said:

    Let's remember Wilson's prep for the season, about two weeks into camp in
    the first pre-season game (8/12) he injures his knee.  He then loses four
    weeks (season started 9/11) of camp reps and technique work as he gets
    operated on and rehabs.  Wilson then gets back on the practice field and
    starts his first game on 10/2, I believe he focused so much on rehabbing and
    playing that he let his footwork go into the toilet.  Even though Saleh said
    he wants to get him back onto the field before the season ends, I wonder if
    there's enough practice time to correct his flaws

    Footwork doesn't get fixed in camp. That is something that gets fixed in the offseason usually with a personal QB coach. 

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  4. 9 hours ago, Hansen said:

    23 year old kid taking all the criticism. Coach gets no criticism even though I didn’t think he really had his team ready today. 

    I’ll defend Zach. He’s a good looking kid, he’s rich, he’s young, he bangs milfs. Far more successful life than me already even if he doesn’t complete another pass. 

    I'm sorry you're not successful at life. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Jetluv58 said:

    It was sore when we got him. Red flag. 

    I feel like it's a requirement that a player is planning to go on IR immediately for the jets to acquire them. 

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  6. 56 minutes ago, Alka said:

    I think you are 100% correct.  I realize I'm getting ripped on this thread for the fact that the Bills are much better than the Jets, but let's play the "what if" game?

    What if the Jets had their bye week last week, and didn't play the Patriots after their 4 game win streak?  Or better yet, What if the Jets didn't get that personal foul called when they intercepted the ball and took it to the house for a 17-3 lead?  The Jets would have won the game, and the Bills would not be 12.5 points favorites this week.

    My point here is that what you said is right on point.  Now that the Jets did in fact lose last week at home, people are more inclined to think that the Bills will steamroll the Jets, and thus 12.5 point underdogs will encourage betting on both sides.  

    I don't think that last week was a good indicator of where the Jets are right now in terms of how good they are.  I think that this game against the Bills will decisively give all of us a very good picture of what this Jets team is right now.  If the Jets get blown out, then last weeks loss will combine with this week, and the Jets arrow will be decisively turned downward.  If the Jets play Buffalo to the wire, and somehow win, then the loss against the Patriots last week will be an anomaly.

    Don't misconstrue my statement. I was pointing out that they're not bigger favorites because they want people to bet both sides. 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    The Bills are currently # 1 in the NFL in ppg allowed (14.0).  They're also:

    • # 2 in Score % (26.1)
    • t-4th in turnovers forced (14)
    • # 2 in INTs forced (11)
    • # 1 in INT % (4.7)
    • # 2 in Turnover % (17.4)
    • # 3 in Opponent QB Rating (73.8)
    • # 6 in Passing YPA (6.6)
    • t-2nd in fewest Passing TDs allowed (7)
    • # 5 in Sack % (8.2)
    • # 5 in Pass Deflections (41)
    • # 5 in Rushing YPA (4.1)
    • # 6 in Yards per Play allowed (5.0)

    Elite offense AND elite defense.  If you're expecting the Jets D to carry the day and for the Jets O to do "just enough to win"......good luck with that.

    They have the largest point differential in the league too by a fair bit.  They won a game by 10 points last week and everything has been about what a huge disappointment it was.. so I think any potential of them overlooking the Jets may have evaporated against green bay. 

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