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  1. Considering none of that has been true... yes. Hoping to wake up any minute now.
  2. Yeah, you're right about Darnold being better than Carr too. Maybe the Jets can trade Carr and like a 6th or 7th for him. I'm glad you're so concerned about the Jets backup QB position.
  3. Carr deserves it, but he will be a nice upgrade over Flacco as backup.
  4. Any games with the Jags has a hard time qualifying as professional football
  5. I didn't create the thread and said nothing about Wilson, Can you stop flipping out on me?
  6. Take a chill pill. You're flipping out about a string of jokes from not the person who started the thread. Not everything is a part of the crusades on here.
  7. Report him. Negatives are a bannable offense.
  8. I already hate him for his slanted, Jets hating coverage.
  9. It seems the intention of this post is a "Get on board or get lost". If it's not, I don't think you're doing a great job of communicating to the people you think you're communicating to.. If there's not much to moderate about that type of post then why does this thread exist? Why not post some examples then because you have not made it clear who you're actually trying to aim this at.. because if you're talking to the altronbrown's of the board who are new accounts and very clearly trying to elicit reactions.. well, this post doesn't seem like it's going to have an effect on them. This is just chilling anyone who has any criticism of the team. "Watch out with the "negativity" that we don't define!".
  10. There's a difference between what you hope will happen and what you think will happen
  11. That's a nice fantasy. That piper can be misdirected for a very long time.
  12. Are you going to do the same for the people who go nuts on anyone who posts something that isn't glowingly positive? It sure seems like the non-trolls who post anything that is "Hey, this seems like an issue" get bombarded with people pissed they have any doubts. A lot of the extreme negativity is enflamed by the extreme positivity.
  13. 99% chance this is @Joe W. Namath making a fake account so he can argue with it and continue his schtick
  14. ok, You keep fantasizing about some sucker giving you money for your serial number on an antiquated technology that can't even handle data on par with a Macintosh 2 and keep telling me that it's the future. You're misunderstanding is in that people didn't buy a CD to resell it or "to own the CD". They bought it to listen to the music. The value of the CD was not in owning a personal copy of the music. It was a medium to listen to the music. That's why everyone threw away all of their CDs as soon as they got an MP3 player (note: they did not buy the mp3 player or the digital version of the song to 'own it' either). That's why there was a lot of fear when cheap CD burners, napster and the like came around. NFTs have no such value. There's nothing stopping anyone from enjoying the 'art' without a NFT. All of the value of the art to the rest of the world is not affected by you owning a NFT of the same art. NFTs will definitely have about as much value as a CD collection does today so you're kind right in that regard.
  15. Swampland in Florida hasn't gone anywhere either.
  16. Yes, I'm sure. The NFT gives you know rights to the original artwork. In fact, it's a huge problem that people are just ripping off the artwork and creating NFTs. Someone else has already posted exactly what you "own" with an NFT in this thread. I'd strongly suggest educating yourself. You don't need to remain ignorant.
  17. You do not. NFTs do no convey 'rights' to the image. They are literally a serial number. Think of it this way.. You can buy a copy of a photo of the Jets and they will put a number on it. You own the version of that photo with that number. Everyone else who didn't spend any money can still look at the image. Someone else owns the rights to it. What advocates tried to tell people was that they were solving an 'issue' with art sales. If a piece of art is sold for $100,000 then the artists gets paid. If that same painting is sold next year for $500,000 the artist doesn't get any additional money. NFT Advocates tried to sell the idea that Artists could get paid every time that NFT is sold. NFTs are a scam. Period. Stop. None of the promised benefits exist. None of the promised benefits weren't something that could be done now. The technology behind crypto and the blockchain is actually, the vast majority of the time, much worse at doing things compared to the other ways to do it. If you want a good explanation of Crypto/NFTs and why they're a lie, watch The Line Goes Up on Youtube which explains the advocates are basically people who want to create a new financial speculation market and be in at it's inception. That requires other people's money to make them rich.
  18. Greg Van Rotten Update: "It’s been a bit of a rough go for veteran backup Greg Van Roten. Primarily an interior offensive lineman, Van Roten has had his hands full so far trying to block defensive tackles Oliver, Jordan Phillips and Tim Settle. On Tuesday, Settle worked through Van Roten for an easy win, and then Wednesday, Van Roten took one step forward with his head down against defensive tackle Brandin Bryant. Bryant saw the false step, chopped Van Roten’s hand away and got into the backfield for an instant victory. Of the reserve offensive linemen with a legitimate chance to make the roster, Van Roten has some ground to make up when the pads go on beginning Saturday."
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