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  1. at least @joewilly12 posted shirtless pics of guys who were in shape.
  2. 2-4 weeks from when he has the surgery is my impression.. and they won't know a more accurate timeframe until they get in there.
  3. ok, I'm gonna finally take away the gun I've been holding to your head. You can stop coming here now.
  4. How did Sam get mono from making out with himself? The universe is full of mysteries.
  5. Don't worry. Pats fans think Belichick is literally making their offense suck on purpose to throw teams off for the regular season. So other fanbases are just as deranged.. wait.. that might be a reason to worry if they're all like this..
  6. Extremism in any direction makes for bad... evaluations of the situation. No. However, we have good men working on how to combine the two.
  7. Some of ya'll are leaving yourselves precious little room to backtrack to Zach is the greatest when they announce that Zach is gonna play week 1.
  8. ok, people understand that 99% of the "Mike White" people are joking around, right? They don't really think he's a franchise QB.. right?
  9. I did not say anything about Saleh and it turns out that Saleh's ability or lack thereof as a coach has no bearing on Flores. Also, and I'm about to blow your mind here... the Jets don't have to hire a coach just because "he wouldn't be worse". This is not actually a rule. They could actually hire a quality coach instead of hiring another crappy HC like Flores.
  10. I don't get all the hubub. Pretty much everyone agrees that Zach was better when he came back from injury last season and now after the 2nd injury, it's a multiplicative effect so he'll be even better. Good call by Joe D and Saleh telling him not to slide so he can get better after injury sooner this year. They're playing 84D chess while you guys are playing checkers. P.V.O.
  11. Awesome to hear. I'm so glad she's doing better.
  12. Well.. turns out it was not nice. Not nice at all and it's resemblance to NFL football is questionable.
  13. I guess we never did find out if hackenberg was a good QB since he never took a snap in a regular season game..
  14. https://www.nfl.com/news/2022-nfl-preseason-week-1-what-we-learned-from-friday-s-games This article calls the defense a bright spot so we've got that going for us.. ya know, right after they talk about how easy it was for Hurts to march down the field.
  15. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/25/joe-flacco-says-his-main-job-is-to-play-football-not-mentor-jalen-hurts/#:~:text=Flacco told reporters today that,of the Delaware News Journal. Flacco told reporters today that while he'd like to think he and Hurts can make each other better, he was brought in to play football, not to serve as a mentor.
  16. I mean, if it's just 2-3 weeks that is great, but also the same knee (and injury).. twice in his first two seasons.. that doesn't exactly fill me with hope.
  17. Seriously and it was way more cruel to keep him on for most of that season.
  18. This is the best. Joe D is a mastermind. He just showed Jet nation how quick Saleh is at learning from his mistakes. Don't believe the smoke and mirrors. Everything is going as planned.
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