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  1. If the Jets win 8 or more games then bowles stays. Bowles will be gone.
  2. it would be as great as when Revis left the pats and signed with the Jets
  3. so much of the Jets hopes are pinned on Woody being deported.
  4. well, that's just logical. Every QB has the potential to be franchise changing. Just take 6th round QBs in all rounds. One of them is bound to be the next Brady.
  5. QB who wants to be drafted high thinks he's really good and should be drafted high. News at 11.
  6. Why not get Jamarcus Russell too. If you collect 5 terrible QBs, they can form Voltron.
  7. The previous poster said he'd be the 2nd or 3rd corner and you disagreed. HSo if he's not 2 or 3 then you believe he'll be 4th or 5th?
  8. but they will...my money is on DT
  9. More than can be said for McCown, Petty, or Hackenberg too
  10. Even Ryan Leaf made some nice passes in pre-season
  11. It's the Jets. There's a chance they carry 5.
  12. Yes, it bodes well because they can ride the bench and not expose their suck. They can collect a paycheck for another year on their "promise"
  13. The real question is will they score more points than they have wins.
  14. No, the Los Angeles Chargers at #7 are going to get their choice of any QB they want..
  15. Unfortunately, that still makes him somewhere like #32-40 in the league.
  16. Earth to ESPN: Jets coaching staff couldn't re-discover the Atlantic Ocean if they were thrown into it.
  17. I trust people who go to choir practice less than I trust drug addicts..
  18. I see it's gone from "being great" by re-signing winters to the "beginnings of a solid OL"
  19. It's because of how good he is that he doesn't need to go outside.
  20. Nice, will he explain the position to Bowles so they can cover one on defense too?
  21. I'm not sure a surprise package from the Jets is something you want to get..
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