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  1. Bowles was going to take Hooker, but he didn't like the idea of jokes and laughter.
  2. It's the rex philosophy. You're a super coach at something so you need to invest heavy resources into it.
  3. Hey, if there is anything mac is good at...it's overdrafting QBs
  4. Glad to hear mac learned everything he knows from them
  5. It was good while it lasted. Outside of Broadway Joe, it may be the greatest tenure of a Jets QB ever.
  6. After draft, Jets look like they flew United AIrlines
  7. what a story that would be...a defensive lineman who ends up playing QB in the NFL
  8. I haven't had this tradition for very long, but I like stand around wearing glasses holding my coffee, sh*t myself and overdraft a QB by several rounds.
  9. There is a market...it's just that the market is a 5th round pick
  10. Well, if there is one thing to count on...this is it
  11. What are hoge's credentials for evaluating the mechanics of a cornerback?
  12. As people continue to cut the cord and ESPN faces increasing competition from cheap and easy video content on the web that manages to be of similar quality...the number of people being let go will increase.
  13. weird..he uses the same formula I use to buy toilet paper
  14. I think you could have one of the best drafts that any team has ever had by hiring Warren Sapp. You just take guys that he doesn't think are top picks.
  15. If you're pointing to QBs playing poorly in the regular season...you're doing it wrong. They were playing against actual NFL players...not guys who were going to be walmart greeters a couple weeks after...
  16. no one has watched them play football in 2017 because they were terrible and didn't make the playoffs.
  17. who cares, I heard Hackenberg say, "I can totally throw a ball into the ocean now after a year on the bench learning from Fitzpatrick. The greatest Qbs of all time could do that and I can so...yeah."
  18. and if time and reality prove you wrong?
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