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  1. Dan Rooney would at this moment be a better owner than woody
  2. Easy Schedule this year for the AFC East so it won't be too awful which will be perfect to get Bowles another year.
  3. That doesn't mean much. Half the div1 teams have a better NFL QB than the Jets do right now
  4. I had the same though and was like they should be visiting players! Regardless if it is the player or the profession, the Jets should draft no hookers. For clarity's sake, I am actually concerned the Jets could manage to draft a prostitute in the draft instead of a football player.
  5. it can't be essential if there is an NFL head coach that doesn't know what one is..
  6. So many people don't realize that 2% success just like 2% Milk is better than 1%
  7. Thanks for the hot take, Rich. They need to draft better than abysmal! ESPN really getting their moneys worth.
  8. Mark my words, the Jet's 2nd round pick will see the field before last year's.
  9. HACK'S TIME TO SHINE! Since it will be the only time he sees a down of football
  10. or they suck and the only reason that colleges run certain offenses is because they don't have a good QB
  11. ^this Positions of need influence whether a player can make an impact, but they shouldn't be chosen based on position to the detriment of impact. There's already a lot of "chance" in the draft even with high 1st round picks that limiting your chances that a player can make an impact is not likely to be the best way to go.
  12. Papa don't preach. Bowles don't coach. What is this world coming to?
  13. They already have their super stud in Hackenberg! Just wait, all geared up to see him play a down in 2019!
  14. There have been better helmets for years, but the players keep rejecting them because they often reduce vision/mobility in some way which they then believe reduces their paycheck. Whether this helmet is different, we'll see..
  15. lol, He's so good...no one has employed him at that position in a few years....I swear schefter takes bribes from agents to say things on air
  16. It has to be Ryan Fitzpatrick. He made almost as many defensive plays in one season as those two did in their careers. I mean, since you didn't specify the defensive excellence had to be in favor of the Jets.
  17. I wonder if they bring back IK to solve the Hackenberg problem
  18. When it said huge challenge for a hungry coach, I thought Rex was back and competing against the Jets defensive line in an eating contest.
  19. If he didn't lose them then the coaching was just that bad. That's even worse.
  20. every time I see Mac...I think this guy is an overwhelmed manager at a dollar store
  21. It will be a defensive lineman...or it's mac/bowles..don't rule out a punter because with the vaunted defense...field position is important
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