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  1. 3 year career and he has caught 45 passes on 81 targets...4 passes more than Jace Amaro who caught 41 on 57 targets
  2. I think he will enlighten next week with something like "You are what your record says you are"
  3. Not sure if supposed to choose "best" starter or most comedy value
  4. That's the scary part. Same guys who thought Fitzpatrick signing was a MUST
  5. Well, he sucks at that so what was the point then?
  6. Maybe the Jets can assemble the entire Bills Offense from 2011. Most of them aren't playing anymore.
  7. damn...Mac must have gone out drinking with ASJ. Jets looking like a one thirsty MFer at last call.
  8. I hope they get one...because ASJ doesn't really catch passes.
  9. Don't worry, they replaced him with a guy who drops more passes, doesn't learn the playbook and drives drunk.
  10. It's the Jets. Don't try to make sense of it.
  11. Well, now they have a fall guy the next time Richardson goes on a drunken drag race joyride. Also, could be Bowles looking to repeat his solution to the QB problem last year. He's gonna have Fitz borrow some money from him.
  12. No. What I said is the exact opposite of being surprised. I specifically said this is the pattern everywhere he goes. Are you drunk?
  13. This is Fitzpatrick. He does the same thing everywhere he goes. Starter gets hurt...has stretch of games where he plays somewhat well...team stupidly believes he can be their starter...FITZ MAGIC TIME! Now that it is FITZ MAGIC TIME there is no putting the slipper back on his foot.
  14. He had no choice, but to sign Fitzpatrick. It was the only option he gave himself with drafting Hackenberg as the only move they made at QB in the offseason. He could have gone after one of the other veteran re-treads or apparently traded for Sam Bradford who seems to be a good fir in Minnesota that has a similar team to the Jets. That move worked out for the viking, but who would have countenanced trading a 1st for Bradford to watch Wentz blow it up in philly...
  15. It's not a fallacy that this is a "win now" team. They've signed veterans to big contracts. They brought back a veteran QB which meant 4 QBs on the roster instead of going with a younger guy. It's just bad "win now" team.
  16. Speaking of...how many bad games before Marshall loses his sh*t?
  17. Fitz would never play on a team for him.
  18. Actually, it's my bad. I saw Fitzpatrick and didn't run him over with my car.
  19. If you believe for a second that the coaches didn't have the players they believed would give them the best chance to win in the game then you're being foolish. That is a statement to how horrible their other options at QB are though..
  20. Well, by comparison to Fitz, he's an all star.
  21. It's his offense too. He's the head coach, not the defensive coordinator.
  22. that's only because he's been pulled before he had the opportunity
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