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  1. It's due to Cleveland sending out a letter of apology to their fans
  2. to be fair, I'd rather have Powell at QB than Hackenberg
  3. If I had both, I'd eat the butt chicken and sell the other one
  4. Well, you've convinced me. He's probably as good as most jets receivers
  5. So is a chicken sprouting from your butt and solving the formula for cold fusion, but I'm gonna bet that's not gonna happen.
  6. All of Idzik's draft picks could have started to...if Rex wasn't drunk, belligerent and knew where he was enough to agree to start them so Idzik could look good.
  7. I love every time some team tries out some runner. It doesn't really work out, but I still love the hope.
  8. It definitely matters which is why you see candidates turn down interviews and offers all the time. Going to bad team is a huge risk because even if you take over as Interim Coach, you'll likely end up fired with everyone else. I've asked you several times to provide examples of top top candidates who have gone to a team with a HC that's on the hot seat, become HC and then been successful. You've been unable to do so which makes your adherence to this hairbrained philosophy all the more confusing.
  9. That's not exactly a good reason..just as likely to get fired with everyone else. How many interim HCs go on to do anything with the team they were the interim HC for?
  10. Actually, I ran into him and asked him about the Jets. He made a jet motion with his hands and said, "Jet gonna take me to be bambassador!" then he laid down on the floor, started crying and asked to have diaper changed.
  11. No, it's not. Dysfunction is never an incentive. No one who has a choice wants to take over a sh*t team. Do you really think those guys are like, "F8ckin' great, the Jets. Let me go there and wait for their sh*t coach to get fired so I can be HC?!! What a great career move! Given the horrible history of interim HCs having long term, this can't go wrong! As what may be my last shot at being a head coach, let me use on the hope that Bowles gets fired mid-season and then hope I get to be the interim HC and that the team is only terrible because of the head coach and then we win some games and then they choose me to be HC!!" You should stick to blaming the fans. Your other ideas are worse.
  12. but the Jets still have Lee so..oh...er..nm
  13. Hey, Bowles likes things that don't work...like his defense.
  14. Bowles is the head coach. He's not going anywhere and he's certainly not going to bring a perfect interim hc as the oc that makes it easier for the Jets to ditch him mid year. There's also little incentive for O'Brien to come here. It's rare if a coach who takes over on a bad team with no QB does well long term.
  15. What team didn't have special teams at all this season?
  16. No, he was told he could retire or be fired. He chose to retire so he can sit out a year, say he got the itch to coach again and then go coach somewhere in college.
  17. well, maybe a game that takes like 68 hours to finish will make the league force Johnson to fire bowles.
  18. Interestingly enough, Wade Phillips was the head coach of the Bills back in the 90s. He was given an ultimatum to fire some coaches or be fired...he chose to be fired.
  19. I would have expected Rogers to go so Bowles could have named another stand-in at DC. Maybe one he could even trust to call plays.
  20. Why? Jets already have brittle and bad covered at the QB position.
  21. Apparently, you learned that anytime you type something that is almost in complete sentences you should pat yourself on the back. The very idea that you ignore something that is taught in every single English class and is used frequently in some of the finest written items in History including Pulitzer prize winners and classics such as Finnegan's Wake, Ulysses, Great Gatsby, The Sound and The Fury, Catch-22, Brave New World, etc. The irony of all of this is that you have apparently never heard of hyperbole or idioms then go on to say you should NEVER use hyperbole. I haven't mention the name of the common English element thinking you'd eventually catch on, but no...you didn't. So keep upvoting yourself! I mean most people subscribe to theory that you should never upvote your own posts, but hey, some people say you should never live by other's people's rules. I actually mentioned hyperbole for you now so you can google and then pretend that you somehow knew what it was all along.
  22. Yes, but in 6th grade you start to learn the nuances of the English language and that when people say things like "I'll never go to another Jets game" or "I'd kill Todd Bowles so he could never coach a Jets game again" that it's an exaggeration. Sorry to hear you education stopped at 2nd grade.
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