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  1. He needs to get more T-shirts printed this week "It's my Fault. I vouched for Fitz"
  2. There's about 4 and half more years. Bowles will be back next year then Mac gets to fire him and choose a new coach which gets 3 years.
  3. QB, RB, CB, and apparently DL. Probably a safety or two as well. They should get some of these guys just in time for Marshall and Decker to retire so WR too.
  4. If you manage to hit a spot on the bingo card of awful that Fitz hasn't hit this season then you are in the running for worst QB.
  5. They'll f*ck that up too. They'll end up beating Cleveland and Miami and settle in around 7-10 then draft another d lineman
  6. You're right, he sucks worse. He fumbled and threw an int in the same drive. A feat the Mighty Bearded Warrior has only had wet dreams about..
  7. Geno is not on the team next year. He comes in and manages to fumble and throw an int in one drive...something even Fitz didn't manage to dial up on the Quarterbacking chart of terribleness. Just say NO to Geno.
  8. someone took 3 sh*ts in a field and they have a mysterious bulge in the back of their pants moving down their leg. May as well find out if it's really a sh*t. Start Petty.
  9. I saw that coming. Did not see the Jets being even worse though.
  10. It was more frustrating having everyone else in the AFC East win thus even if the Jets win tonight...they're still last in the AFC East..
  11. He was told the same thing by Dallas. It just so happens that if you're holding Romo's clipboard, he's likely to stub his toe walking across a soft carpet which will break his back. So, yes, he'd likely be holding the clipboard. However, he wasn't good enough to use a 2nd round pick on like Hackenberg so we'll never know.
  12. This is Hackenberg's entire career. Always "progressing" on the bench. One day, he might be able to make the roster as the 3rd QB. What a waste of a 2nd round pick.
  13. I thought this was going to be someone with explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting at the same time represent bowles coaching and the talent on the roster
  14. If you make Darron Lee a corner then who is going to play Quarterback?
  15. The stats don't imply it was an upgrade.
  16. Wow, people actually want the Bills to win because of this?
  17. da fuk...He's been a head coach 3 times already..4th time is the charm? I guess he has the illustrious honor of being the coach with the most wins who has a losing record.
  18. I didn't even know baseball was actually played. Though it was just highlights and stats,
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