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  1. I saw plenty of improvment since the benching. Jets trusted him more in the last 4 games of the year against some good Ds. In those 4 games, he had somre "semblance" of chemistry with his mid-season toy, Harvin. He also had Decker at almost full strength. And when you put two n two together, Geno ended up with 65% completion, 1001 yards, 6 TDs and 2 ints in those last 4 games. Maybe Im a glass half full kinda guy, but I definitely saw Geno get settled down towards the end of the season. An extra off season under his belt will only help him, especially now that he has a WR that can actually go up and make his QB look even better. This team was two blocked FGs away from defeating the SB champs twice, and an NFL caliber CB n a few screwed up calls away from being a 9-10 win team last year, believe it or not.


    They were actually 5-6 wins away from being a 9-10 win team. If you want another year of suck then keep praying for Geno.

  2. Potentially a little mistake, but A lot of little mistakes add up to a big problem, clearly they thought Cassel was better then any of the FA options, but that is the part I'm questioning. The guys been pretty bad for the last 3 years and only ever really had 1-2 good seasons. A guy who would've cost them nothing and been just as capable would've been better. 


    They gave up nothing and given the lack of talent at QB...they're is likely to be a 'bidding war'. The Bills have an insurance policy is someone wants to pay Sanchez/Hoyer/Moore 7-8 million a year. They can cut Cassel and not really lose anything. 

  3. I actually think it's a pretty good move by the Bills. Cassel is not great, he's not good. He's an average game manager. His best asset is his ability to get the ball out and in the hands of players. He's the epitome of game manager which is what they need. They don't need a gunslinger. They've been good enough to win the past year or two and QB play has lost them games. Cassel is good enough to not lose.


    The under-rated part of it is that it does not mean they have to get in the "No matter who you get, you lose" bidding war for FA QBs. None of the QBs in FA are worth anything, but they're going to get much more money than they are worth. The Bills gave up nothing of note to acquire an equivalent QB who is on a contract with little guaranteed money. They could cut Cassel before the season begins and not really have lost anything. 


    Teams looking for an average option at QB will be paying more than they are worth in FA.

  4. @jgb


    What's the cap room?  $55mil?  $65mil if we release Harvin.  Why stop at 5 FAs?


    Not sure the market value of each FA below, but here's my guess.

    1.  McCourty  8mil

    2.  Cro  5mil

    3.  Maxwell  8mil

    4.  Worilds  7mil

    5.  Lupati  7mil

    6.  Spiller  4mil

    7.  Torrey Smith  8mil

    Re-sign Harris  4mil

    Extend Wilk  (add 4mil to what he's scheduled for this year)


    Totals $55mil.


    I'm not against bringing back 24, but can't see NE losing both McCourty and Revis.  Harvin I'm not sure about.  Definitley a great weapon to have but $10mil and a 4th is tough to justify.  Won't lose sleep either way.


    The secondary would battle the DLine for best unit on the team.  That'd be one hell of a D.  Then with Smith, Decker, Kerley, Harvin, Amaro, Ivory, Spiller and Powell as the weapons, even a sub-par QB could win with that. 


    Leaves the ability to draft best available and an interesting decision at 6 if Mariota falls to us.  Take hiim or trade with Philly and let Foles battle with Geno for the starter?  Think I'd do the trade.


    May be wishful thinking, but anything close to that, and I'd be psyched for the season.


    Well, for starters, Spiller wants north of 5 mill per year. The rest of your numbers seem somewhat optimistic as well. 

  5. Uhhh...the guy couldn't win with Peyton manning as his QB. You think he can win with Geno and the collection of sh*t at corner and LB on this defense? 


    I think the big concern is now there is Denver looking for a HC which likely just became the #1 attraction over Atlanta. 

  6. Could have gotten Cromartie for the same exact contract and that would have allowed us to make use of Powell as well. Two birds with one stone. Instead we blow the money on CJ for no reason, and we blow more money on a turd named Patterson who didn't play a single snap. Two sh*tty birds with one stone. What a sh*thead Idzik is.


    When you put it that way...it's way worse than I thought it was

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