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  1. Sorry.  He was great today.  He threw off his back foot a couple of times when there was pressure, but he was making some beautiful throws all day.  Have to give credit where it is due.


    Keep the geno dream alive. I'm sure he has finally put it all together after one meaningless game against a team with poor secondary who didn't want to be there

  2. Decker had a good not great year given shaky we play. 74 receptions, 5th and 962 yards. He will be good piece moving forward.


    "A good piece" is quite a step down from where people had him pegged before the season. Idzik signed him a #1.

  3. Idzik's QB just threw for 358/3tds and his top FA pickup caught 10 balls for 220.  Is that Idzik's fault they haven't done anything like that all seaon, or is it the coaching? I tend to think it may be the coaching.


    lol, you're going to take the one good game they had against a team who was revolting at having their sh*t coach brought back in a meaningless game instead of the multiple other games that show the direct opposite. You sir, are Candide.


    Rex sucks. Idzik sucks more.

  4. It could be more that Geno is just an awful QB period. He's certainly one of the dumbest and that will affect his play. The QB's coach Lee has had a lot of success in the league. It's certainly telling that he can't get anything of Geno.


    Yes Rex takes a share of the blame, but look at what he has had to work with: Sanchez, Tebow, McElroy, Simms. Just reading that list makes you want to vomit. 


    Geno is terrible, but what success has Lee had? 

  5. "The reason teams are chasing Seattle for the second straight year for the Lombardi Trophy? Look at the lower rounds of the drafts and college free agency mined by general manager John Schneider. The proof is all there. Schneider took over in 2010, and he acquired 10 important players in the third round and beyond in his first four drafts."



    Idzik shouldn't be 're-assigned'. He should be fired and and given a nice kick on the way out. 

  6. I thought there was something seriously wrong about Rex and Idzik when they saw Pryor at Louisville laying vicious hits on college students (not pro players) and said, "He plays like a Jet already!"


    And sure enough, Pryor the NFL safety bears no resemblance to Pryor the college safety and nobody saw it coming.


    A lot of people saw it...just not Rex or Idzik

  7. Why don't you think that DRC is worth 7 mill a year?  Harris just got 10 and gave a home town discount.  What do you think Maxwell will get this year as the best FA CB? And he is not as good as DRC.


    My apologies. My intent was to point out that the Jets will be paying players on the level the same, if not more, money. So 'saving' money on DRC instead of paying him (oh, and annoying agents with the way the Jets handled free agents) was silly because they'll be shoveling it out this year. 

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