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  1. The rumormill is swirling that either the Giants have traded for Garoppolo or he's being cut. Real smoke or fake, he's not participating at 49ers camp and it seems to be getting turned into a "Cleveland Baker", if you get my meaning. Also, Deebo is "holding in" to get a new contract. I hope Mike McDaniel bring this level of genius to the Dolphins. --- Gardner Minshew has literally been living in a van. --- Bills 13 second defense in full effect. --- Tua already having to force throws to Hill to keep him from going full Antonio Brown --- Mac trying to get DVP involved before he goes on season ending IR in a couple days from taking a deep breath
  2. They handcuffed him early and he took all the easy stuff. When teams started taking that away and he had to open the playbook so to speak.. he started coughing it up more. I think he will be a solid QB ala a Kirk Cousins who can function, but won't ever be special. Guys like that can make a lot of money and have long careers, but I wouldn't expect to turn crap at WR into gold. When Parker gets injured again in a few days, he's got nothing.
  3. Gesicki is one of the better pure receiving TEs as well.
  4. He wants to make sure that everyone gives him credit if it goes well or he wants everyone to know it's not his fault if it doesn't.
  5. We need to know exactly what we're angry about
  6. Much like the fans should understand that going 10-11, 2TDs, 0Ints, 47 drops in 7 on 7s is meaningless nonsense.
  7. Then why are you piping into a discussion about fans attitudes? This seems like a "you" problem.
  8. ah, the ole "unitewhosomethingfans" theory that it's the fans not being positive enough which makes the Jets suck. Glad we have someone picking up that torch. Also, the reason Becton is apparently still not in football shape is that we haven't been sending him enough well wishes.
  9. I mean, they've ALREADY won multiple superbowls in the future and people are still negative
  10. Oh, good, we found the new Joe Willy posting pictures of oiled up men
  11. You're so often confused on here. People don't want to see him fail. They want him back exactly because of how good he wason the field. He just doesn't seem terribly interested in that. People were looking forward to seeing what he'd do only to once again be told.. he's not going to be on the field for mysterious reasons. Then we get.. gentlemen.. like you who make up wild excuses and proclaim that anyone who doesn't buy into that insanity just wants to see him fail.
  12. "been in the building" is pretty vague. They could have lured him with a line of cheeseburgers and when they ran out he immediately left. So with like 100 cheeseburgers, he might have been in there like 2.. maybe 3 minutes..
  13. It's not a game. It's practice. He could have simulated practice in mini-camp. At some point, he's gonna have to go against a pass rusher without having gone against one before and we've been told he's 'ready' and didn't need to be with the team because he was handling it on his own. So either he didn't handle it appropriately or he needed to be with the team so the coaches and team doctors could evaluate him. ..or is this another Hackenberg situation of "You can't know he's a bad QB because he's never played a down of football" situation?
  14. He's supposedly been rehabbing and training for almost a year.. so it's not 'diving right in'.
  15. I can't say I'm sold on Murray, but if Wilson had Murray's passing stats alone.. this board would be trying to figure out how to surgically attach more fingers so all the superbowl rings could be worn and advocating that he get a 1 billion dollar deal.
  16. This board gonna lose it's **** when Jackson gets over 50.
  17. looking forward to the quadruple cage match between you, @SAR I, @T0mShane and Defensewinschampionships
  18. I don't believe they can do that. Rookie contracts are set (including escalator for performance in latter years of the contract) and as I understand it, the only items to be negotiated are when they get their signing bonus money and salary offset. Douglas has played hardball over salary offset language before so I'd imagine if there's an holdup.. that's it.
  19. Is this what this forum has become? Obvious bait posts and a bunch of people piling on? How sad.
  20. If Jamal Adams got 2 1sts then I assume Becton would be about a 87% stake of the entire Raiders franchise based on my math.
  21. Awfully bold to assume to Parker will make it through camp. We know Jones can throw deep. Did you see that bomb he threw on the 1st drive of the playoffs? I jest, but there was a really good video (and I should see if I can find it again) that explained "Arm Strength" talking about QBs in the AFC East and how it doesn't mean you "can't throw deep", but that it's about velocity, travel time, etc. They broke down that int from Jones and how his (lack of) arm strength allowed it to even happen on what should have been a surefire touchdown and showed a very similar throw from Allen. The arc and trajectory was very different resulting in cutting off about 1/3rd of travel time for the ball. I think Jones could carve out a career for himself, but I'm not sure receiver speed is the limiting factor in unlocking the deep passes for them. As an aside, the video purported that Allen is in a league of his own in the AFC East for arm strength followed by Wilson with Tua/Jones bringing up the rear.
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