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  1. I feel like hell is that they assemble a Jets coaching staff of Gase as HC. Kotite as OC, and Mangini as DC and make you sit in a room with every poster from Jetnation
  2. Also, maybe like keep it to less than one per day. There's not likely 7 interesting videos posted every week about the Jets.
  3. Natural selection really dropped the ball on AB
  4. I don't really use mobile, but most routers can use a VPN directly and thus any device connected to the wifi goes through the VPN.
  5. I disagree that the main point is free. I think (and research shows) that most people want a good service at a 'reasonable' price. The NFL services offer garbage quality, lack features and generally requires more than 1 way to watch to be able to watch all the games. If the NFL sacked up and offered something that let you watch all games live and in replay in high quality with ONE streaming service, there would be a lot of people that currently use free or cheaper options who would go with their option. I'd buy "Sunday Ticket" if it didn't require direct TV shenanigans and could to nfl.com and not have to worry about it being "blacked out" even though I don't live in market without a 2nd thought even at it's current price. It just so happens that many of these other services free or cheap offer a better experience.
  6. If it makes anyone feel any better.. at least they didn't wait and have the Giants try to panic sign him driving the price up... because their offensive line looks like it needs a few panic signings.
  7. Also, it looks like the Giants apparently won't be playing their starting QB either.
  8. The ones starting their QBs have a lot of 'new'. The Chiefs being the exception and the confusing one on there. The Jets have a lot more stability from last season to this one compared to the others. Give Zach a series in pre-season game 2 and then sit him until the regular season.
  9. He will line up on the right end of the line next to the right guard and get in his stance before the ball is snapped.
  10. Most starting QBs aren't going to play regardless of the quality of their play.
  11. I kinda feel like training camp might be a bit more strenuous than sitting in an office chair 8 hours a day. I'm not sure people who wash themselves with a stick are making many NFL rosters.
  12. yea, it wasn't there by accident especially after that hall of fame game garbage
  13. The players are usually the ones against it. There's been several helmets that have reduced concussions, but they often 'restrict' players in some way such as being able to turn their heads fully as they can with the current helmets. The players absolutely detest those giant helmets they are using in practice. EVERYONE complains whenever they implement a rule that reduces contact despite it showing a reduction in injuries. It's not the NFL who is holding back safety measures. Star players on the field more means more revenue for them. Players perceive it as a competitive disadvantage (even though all players would deal with it) which costs them money in their contract. Fans hate most of the changes as well. So in this 1 particular instance, between the fans, players and NFL.. the NFL is likely the least hypocritical.
  14. Eagles have him and Driscoll, but Driscoll has Becton like availability problems. They're currently looking at hoping they can get 17 games between the two of them. I don't feel they're a good trade partner because they're really looking to solve the same problem the Jets are.. a dependable option at RT. So I don't think the Eagles are really interested in trading away depth without being offered some sort of "upgrade". I think you'd be talking a 4th+ to even get them to pick up the phone. The places the Jets have some roster depth that might be found interesting by other teams doesn't seem to line up with their needs either. I can't say I'd be terribly interested in a guy that is, when healthy, been beat out by a 7th round pick from his same draft and a more recent 4th round pick. In short, he's a depth player.. not a starter and if you're hoping he develops then I'd rather roll the dice with Mitchell.
  15. oh, good another sign somebody thread. I was JUST thinking we needed another one.
  16. No, the offensive line didn't block well enough.
  17. It will be nice to just watch players in a Jets jersey play something resembling NFL football for a couple hours.
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