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  1. I really feel like someone from the future needs to come back to the present and tell us all about all the Superbowls the Jets have already won in the future. Some people just won't believe it until it actually happens.
  2. ..and 43% of the sacks he took all season occurred in those 5 games...
  3. He switched from interceptions to sacks. That's better and he made a change to a problem, but it went to another, albeit lesser, problem. As you say, there's a lot more talent so hopefully there will be others who can bail him out when he runs into a problem (or it runs into him).
  4. Thanks for that brilliant bit of wisdom. What would we do without you? It's almost like fans have expectations regardless of whether they have any personal impact on the team.
  5. I'm not sure the whole lower your expectations and then they still don't meet them thing has been going so well either.
  6. I've got news for people... the heroic dash to 3rd place in the division isn't going to change a lot of minds.
  7. I'm confused. This post seems like this is surprising. 1. The best defenses are the best at pass defense. Occasionally, you might find a team like the Titans who will run to a victory, but the odds say you can be fairly poor at run defense if you're great at pass defense in the league today. 2. Of course, the YPC goes down if you're losing. The winning team (outside of KC and Buffalo) will run the ball more bringing down YPC. 3. The era of run to setup the pass is over. Teams pass regardless of how well their run game is working. More offenses use short passes in place of runs now. 4. Did people not know that Saleh was a good defensive coordinator in SF?
  8. I miss defensewinschampionships too. @Bronx is doing an admirable job replacing him though.
  9. You have the power to make it stop and save us all.
  10. @BCJet Yes. They usually speak in percentages and not hard snap counts, but 60% is what they talk about. New England had 1 player (Davon Godchaux) averaging above 60% of the snaps at 60.1% which averaged out to 37 snaps a game. Buffalo had 0 players average above 60% of the snaps. The highest (Ed Oliver) averaging 58.8% which averaged out to 36 snaps a game. If you want to go further to the top 5 defenses.. Dallas had 0 players with 60% of the snaps. The highest (Demarcus Lawrence) averaging 57.3% of the snaps which averaged out to 38 snaps a game. New Orleans had 2 players (Cameron Jordan and David Onyemata) averaged more 60% of the snaps. Jordan averaged 74.3% of the snaps for an average of 51 snaps a game. Onyemata averaged 60.6% of the snaps for an average of 39 snaps a game. Los Angeles (Rams) had 2 players (Aaron Donald and Greg Gaines) average more than 60% of the snaps. Donald averaged 90.1% of the snaps for an average of 61 snaps per game. Gaines had 67.5% of the snaps for an average of 45 snaps a game. So the top 5 defenses had 3 players who averaged more than 40 or more snaps a game. Aside, Donald should be excluded. There is no other defensive line player on his level. He is literally one of a kind. There is no replicating him. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating that Ulbrich is a good coordinator or that his decisions are the right ones. If you want to argue that the disparity between the best and worst lineman on the Jets is greater than other teams, have at it. I'm just stating that there seems to be a perception that the best defenses are keeping their d-line players on the field for the bulk of the snaps. They aren't.
  11. btw, most of the top defenses have this same philosophy even if it doesn't always play out in practice for them. The Pats and Bills which were both top 5 defenses last year employ the same practice on their defensive line and you can, in fact, find threads on their fan forums complaining about it..
  12. Woody: This is highest honor we can give you. Revis: I'd be very honored by a check with your signature.
  13. yet the coach did not do what he said and played players more 70% of the snaps in the past. Why then and not now?
  14. Most of the rumors, speculation out of New England is saying that BB himself is going to run the offense. Of course, that means Stevie is charge of the defense again and we've seen that movie and it was awesome.
  15. They do look about the same age
  16. I think this is the most sane and sensible post I've seen from you
  17. Did Njoku take a massage course over the offseason to justify this?
  18. Give both @T0mShane and tommah a break.. they're both in a bad mood because they got some devastating news.. "Taco Bell’s ‘Mexican Pizza: The Musical’ starring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat just got postponed" https://www.today.com/food/news/taco-bell-mexican-pizza-musical-dolly-parton-doja-cat-rcna27926 Send them your prayers.
  19. Get a phone, a kindle a tablet. ffs.
  20. Actually, it's hard to see, but there's some golden arches peaking above the trees there.
  21. Actually, I think he's a genius. He manages to get talked about and gain attention which is his job. It's such a simple thing to agitate, but it's pretty tough to to turn that into money which he has managed to do with a lucrative contract. I have greater distaste for the people who just can't wait to be upset and rush to report everything these 'reporters' say so they can get their outrage attention from other fans.
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