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  1. I remember this thread from week 1 2020
  2. yea, like when you ask out a 5 and are like, "Well, she was the only girl I ever asked out"
  3. Jets are in a tough spot because they fired Gase after two years. Getting rid of coaches (even if they're clearly bad) so soon limits the quality of candidates who will take the job.
  4. Flacco has some freaky *ss sex tape on Saleh/Douglas
  5. One of those Bills games might get so bad it counts as two losses.
  6. I was gonna laugh at this joke, but it's not a joke so it is sad
  7. I guess you haven't seen the Dolphins game. They may be winning, but it's more about how bad NE is
  8. Unfortunately, that something to hang onto isn't the ball
  9. Douglas got the league right where he wants them. He knows Ravens will win their division so isn't an important win and so is using it to work on stuff. Next week, they'll come out and light it up and everyone in the league will know the jets are Superbowl bound!
  10. Super excited for Douglas making another one of those!
  11. turns out the phrase was malformed and is actually: "Only vibes"
  12. I'll counter with why isn't it Moore, Wilson and Berrios?
  13. There's a reason Shannahan didn't have an offensive coordinator the whole time LaFluer was there
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