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  1. Thanks everyone for the help i think ima try get some mid level or corner/endzone/redzone seats. But I cant wait to experience the jet passion we should hopefully still have (even though we 2-9)
  2. Hello All, I am currently trying to find what is the best tickets for the game. I will be attending the Jets vs Pats on the 21st. Im coming over from Australia so this might be my only chance to see the Jets. I am thinkin concourse 2, its a middle ground between decent seats and not too expensive and its a bit elevated. That being said there are some cheap tickets in Concourse 1. Mainly I want to be in the thick of it, where the jets supporters are. i want to hear banter, heckling and everything. Would love anything you can advice on. Thanks
  3. Im looking for one for the Pats game, or is one too odd of a number haha
  4. Hello All Obviously I've never posted here before but if I am too early then all good I'll post later. But yeah as the topic title says I have never been to a game before, thus never tailgated. I love the culture of tailgating and want to experience it myself. I have been told that the culture of tailgating is pretty friendly and I can just rock up and walk around like a confused tourist and someone will take me in and itll go from there. I want to ask you guys is this true? I mean I want to like rock up with some beer (if thats allowed) and go that way. I have seen some stuff onli
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