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  1. ...Patullo graduated from South Florida after playing both quarterback and wide receiver from 1999 to 2002. A native of Hillsborough, N.J., Patullo and his wife, Nichole, have a daughter, Lauren, and son, Logan. ....Hey, I used to live in Hillsborough, NJ. He looks a lot like the bartender at the Charlie Brown's on route 206.
  2. As long time Jets fans.... we all should have-- " High Hopes" for our team. Just dreaming that all the new coaches and staff are on the same page and we don't get super mistake- prone for the first few games. 13 men on the field, etc. btw-- anybody hear anything our Special Teams coach..? is McGaughy gone..?
  3. The ones we got rid of will make the Hall of Fame. The ones we keep shall forever be busts. Its part of being Green.
  4. Yeah, it sure is rough , earnings millions in salary doing an interesting job.
  5. That's what I was thinking. Chan might only be here 1-2 years; then the new QB coach takes over-- that's thinking forward, and very creatively. Unusual for the Jets.! DeFilippo did excellent work with Derek Carr.
  6. We'll have to start making some.... " Way to Go...Woody ! " signs for the first game.
  7. ....It keeps getting better. John DeFilippo getting interviewed. New QB coach is on the horizon.... see below: from GangGreennation.com ".....John DeFilippo is the guy that has made Derek Carr look, in my opinion, like an actual franchise quarterback. Carr finished the year with 3,270 yards, 58.1% completion, 21 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and 4 fumbles. What's interesting is that DeFilippo was the assistant quarterbacks coach here, for the New York Jets, during Mark Sanchez's rookie year."
  8. I am really starting to like the assistants under Bowles. Joe Danna did a nice job with the secondary in Atlanta. He might even bring Dwight Lowery with him; we could use those Safety ball skills. Chan Gailey could bring in C.J. Spiller. Big upgrade over CJ000K. ...Kacy Rodgers was best Dolphins position assistant for years. His players consistently developed. And now Jets have him.
  9. Yes, I mentioned Matt Moore over 2 weeks ago. He could be the one.! Chase Daniels is another possible. Unfortunately, not much competition for Geno. Really slim goings for Franchise QB. 32 teams and only about 17 good QB's. At least Rex is in the same pickle; without a QB, Rex goes 6-10. Bills crowd pelts him with snowballs.
  10. It would be awesome if we get C.J. Spiller---- he does get hurt a lot though. Good Riddence to CJ000k and Mick Vick, all wasted dollars. ...“The best year Kordell Stewart had was in 1997. Chan did a fantastic job that year of taking his skill set and developing a very good offense around him. We went to the (AFC) championship game.” – Bill Cowher
  11. ....“The best year Kordell Stewart had was in 1997. Chan did a fantastic job that year of taking his skill set and developing a very good offense around him. We went to the (AFC) championship game.” – Bill Cowher
  12. Thank Heavens. Woody finally does it. Maybe we get a decent draft war room, like the other teams.
  13. Definitely Agree. We need G and OT. Brick and Breno are past 30. Good year for OT, also. If we trade down we can still get a CB, OT, and maybe a pass rusher in round 3.
  14. Looks like Westoff is enjoying Retirement. I would like to get the Atlanta ST guy...... last year our Special Teams were pretty bad--- can't have blocked kicks, poor punting at critical times.
  15. .....Bob Glauber ✔ @BobGlauber Follow My understanding is Jets GM Mike Maccagnan will make major changes in scouting department. Terry Bradway & Jeff Bauer not expected to stay. Hope they show Terry Bradway the door.... ASAP. .
  16. Well. Spiller is a talented runner-- but he gets hurt a lot. Obviously we will rid ourselves of CJ00K..... if fact , most of Idzik picks will be discarded..... except for Ivory and Sheldon. I hope we have a great draft for once... QB, CB, OT, FS......... yipes, we need almost everything.!
  17. ....Gailey was retired. Hope he still has some fire in the belly. Its a curious hire by Bowles. see article below: ... Gailey was the first Bills head coach since Marv Levy retired not to remain in the NFL after he left. Gailey noted how much calmer life has been for him and Laurie. "It's just different now, me being around all the time," Gailey said. "But the stress level for her is so small right now. You can just see it on her. She wanted us to win and be successful. It took a lot out of her for us not to win. "I've just seen her be able to relax this year more than ever before. That would be a major consideration for not coming back."
  18. Most media outlets are gushing praise on Buffalo for hiring REX. Boomer Esiason thinks he will have a big impact there. ... I am taking the contrarian view..... I think he will be a 6-10 coach and those fans will be highly disappointed in him. He has no QB again, no 1st round pick.... and he is laughing all the way to the bank; for pulling a P.T. Barnum carnival job on them. Discuss.
  19. ... I was absolutely right about Manziel being immature and a possible big bust. I was wrong on Zack Martin, who played much better than I thought he could. Did not like any of the Jets WR picks-- but we've talked about that many times. I was hoping for Donte Montcrief as a Jets 3rd-round pick; he's looking more like a real steal;-- of course our great Scout Dept. missed on him , also.
  20. I do hope its Quinn..... a Morris County, ( NJ ) guy. I don't like Marrone.. he never smiles.
  21. .... I wonder if his tattoo will freeze off in Buffalo.? Plus, he'll have to trade in that vest sweater for an Eskimo seal parka.
  22. Its a puzzle why they gave CJ that many carries, he can't move the pile and can't turn the corner -- Bilal Powell is as good or better than CJ and better at picking up blitzes, but they did not utilize Bilal this year.
  23. .....Lets hope Shanahan does not have an alcohol problem. see below: ( happened in 2005) .....INDIANAPOLIS - Bucs assistant coach Kyle Shanahan was arrested by Indianapolis police early Sunday morning. Shanahan, 23, was transported to the Arrestee Processing Center. His release was ordered after he appeared in court Sunday and was charged with misdemeanor intoxication. Shanahan was being "loud, belligerent and causing a scene" after being escorted from the Have a Nice Day Cafe at 2:07 a.m. Sunday, according to a report filed by Indianapolis Police Officer Eric B. Simmons . "I could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his person, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he was unsteady on level ground." Simmons said he told Shanahan several times to quiet down but he persisted and was arrested. Shanahan, the son of Broncos coach Mike Shanahan , is in his second season as the Bucs' offensive quality control coach and is attending the NFL scouting combine. According to police report, Shanahan was escorted out of the bar with assistant defensive backs coach Raheem Morris .
  24. Kind of looks like he needs more experience. Don't mind that he's not profane-- Joe Gibbs was not vulgar either and he won 2 Super Bowls. And for all his big talk... what did Rex ever win.?
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