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  1. 3 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    He’s a football coach. Not a brain surgeon. He approaches the strategy part of the game like an advanced D&D player. Hardly a genius. More about the work ethic to dig deeper into the rules than most. I’ve got friends with autistic kids capable of the same.

    If he were a genius, he’d find a way to avoid answering questions from the press, while still being a halfway decent human.

    If BB wasn't such an a**hole he would be retired and we would not have to look at his mug again.

  2. Bill Belichick says he was just trying to “run a bit of time off the clock” late in the 4th quarter against the Jets when the camera cut to him smirking.

    “It’s probably a loophole that’ll be closed and probably should be closed, but right now it’s open.” pic.twitter.com/S6mpX6Xb4L

    — Guy Boston Sports (@GuyBostonSports) October 22, 2019


    ""  F**KING BULLS**T  "



  3. 10 minutes ago, shuler82 said:

    The obnoxious meter went off the charts when they tied the game before halftime. A lot of chanting at the Jets and our fans. I don’t get most of the visiting fans this year.  Cheer when your team does well, make some noise, great. But I don’t recall the level of outright taunting from opposing fan bases that we’ve received this year. Strength in numbers (and booze) I guess.

    it's a good idea not to go to STEELERS games and to avoid being berated by the opposing gangs of hideous fandom

  4. 3 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

    A message has been sent to Woody-Chris Johnson and the NY Jets ticket office. 

    Image result for wow gifs


    3 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Season ticket holders are to be commended for their loyalty.  Even if they only attend 5 or 6 games a year they far exceed the average of 0 games per year that non-season ticket holders attend.

    Those who complain about the amount of Steeler fans they see on TV on Long Island should be ashamed of themselves, not of season ticket holders.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family as well my friend.

    SAR I

     I think in 2020 I see a life long friendship growing between you both 585b5868e05a7_woohoo2015.jpg.8481dbe932981b63edaa750a8654f5b6.jpg

  5. 1 hour ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    I didn’t go today, but didn’t sell my tickets. Getting $50 each for $100 tickets will not change my life. After owning seats for 39 years, I will not be renewing next season. The experience went downhill with the new stadium. It stinks. Parking is a nightmare with the color system and the ridiculous traffic patterns. I would not pay the exorbitant prices for PSLs, but the upper deck is too high and far from the field. I was in row 5 of the uppers in Giants Stadium and the seats were great. I’m in row 3 of the uppers and they are too high. There are different people around me every game. The stadium is sterile and ugly with no character. It is not loud. Opposing fans make up at least 25% of the stadium and often more. Nobody has respect for the people around them. The fans in front of me are leaners ( sitting on the edge of their seats blocking my view) , standers ( standing up n the middle of a play blocking my view) or fake fan third down cheer leaders ( arrive late and then stand for every third down then leave early). At his point in  my life, I’d rather watch at home. My brother, who has been going with me for 39 years, and my younger son don’t want the seats either. 

    The Jets/Giants built a horrible stadium that caters to non fans who spend the game in clubs eating and watching on TV. Plus they overpriced the seats. The games just are not fun anymore. And I kept my seats through the late 80s- early 90s when the team was just as bad. 

    If the Jets couldn’t keep me as a STH, there are not many others who they will keep. Stub Hub is the main STH now and that is a shame. 

    I couldn't have said it better.

    I had season tickets for 27 years. 



  6. 2 hours ago, SAR I said:

    You should be thanking the 18 million so-called Jets fans in the NY Metro area who do not own season tickets.  Those of us who buy 10 games and can't attend one or two aren't the problem; it's those 18 million who can't be bothered to show the team any support and sat on their asses chomping pretzels in their basements today instead of supporting the team by attending a game once a year.

    SAR I

    How much did you get for your seats!?!?!?!?

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