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  1. Can we please get a home playoff game this decade?

  2. The media has a mind numbing affect on the whole country not just this fan base.
  3. How many kids does Cro have these days?
  4. I don't believe it. There is a team that doesn't want REX.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !
  5. That little freaking elf should shut his crapper up. Another Jet basher he is.!
  6. Guaranteed to go by # 6 in the NFL draft. Yes Woody take the plunge.
  7. He's the Perfect Jet QB. Woody push the YES button.
  8. He should do great with the media in the NY metropolitan area
  9. You and Woody are on the same page. Push the button Woody.
  10. We love the Jets being on the back page on New Year's Day !!! We see the light!
  11. WOODY = Headlines Therefore like Tebow, Winston will be the pick. Of course there is an excellent chance Winston will be long gone by# 6. Thanks Rex for those meaningless 2 wins vs the Titans and Fish.
  12. Why this post now> LET'S do the Time Warp again!!!
  13. Which side of the ball is Rex awful at? His defense hasn't made big stands on defense in several years.
  14. Wow this is just like JI. Nice to see all of you on board. BTW - don't we have to hire a GM FIRST??????????
  15. Both EJ Manuel and Geno are bums. We all know this already. Let's move on.
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