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  1. First thing we have to do is sign MO. Everything else is secondary. Suh is a pipe dream. Why would we sign this A@@@@@@ !
  2. Can't wait to see him in his natural position. STRONG SAFETY.
  3. Yes - extremely important for his pocket book.
  4. Time to renegotiate a more friendly deal. He is no longer worth this kind of money. Great player in his prime.
  5. A game ? Being of Fan of the Jets is a way of life, not a game.
  6. I will believe it when I see a consistent mediocre performance from Geno in 2015.
  7. Say WHAT ??? I totally disagree and give those involved kudos!!
  8. Let's see what happens in the playoffs before we make any judgment on Revis.
  9. I only saw a picture of the box filled with Twizzlers and Cheez Wiz
  10. Patriots will sign him and he will got to the HOF.
  11. Time for Harris to go. We desperately need more speed with the LB's, players like Demario Davis # 56.
  12. Don't worry. You are stuck with this jinxed franchise forever.
  13. I can't see how REX stays. We can't repeat the IDSIK hire. The GM has to pick his own coach. Let's make some sense out to this Mr. Johnson. Pretty please.
  14. YES - but only some teams tank for Draft Picks. SEE:*** Indianapolis Colts*** - aka SUCK FOR LUCK!! It worked great!! I wonder how come we can't lose when we have to?????????? Duh
  15. It will be a breathe of fresh air not to hear 25 times every game what a great defensive mind Rex is. His defenses over the 6 years rarely came up with a big stop in a last minutes of a game.
  16. Seriously , why would any top flight free agent play for this clueless franchise?
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