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  1. This is a great place. Thank you to all that are responsible. I was a loyal JI reader only. I thought I would test by prowess at written communication here. I need to practice on my vocabulary. Signed Long term STH Giant Stadium. Met Life ( no like, no go there no more)
  2. John Conner's TD catch vs. Tennessee a few weeks ago cost us several positions in the 2015 draft. As the actor and home wrecker Arnold Schwarzenegger's said he' will (not) be back'. A fitting end to a pathetic Jets (twice) career..
  3. I am feeling a lot of Love of Revis from you this time of year. It's just a tease.
  4. D'Brick is done. Sorry.
  5. ISIS is the only team that could dethrone the Patriots from the AFC East
  6. The BUTT kicking is on. This is why Hawks were a 8 point road fav. Seattle vs PATS OR BRONX in Super Bowl? Wood love to see PATs Brady take a beat'n vs SeaHawks. Who knows? JETS??? How bad can it get ???
  7. Wait a darn gone second!!! Didn't everyone say on this board the Jets were " locked in the 6 position " ??? This is the last time I rely on this board for quotable Jets facts. LOL
  8. Brady is NO God. He has not won a Super Bowl in 10 years. Please, they will be one and done in the playoffs. However I always love when they lose in the SUPER BOWL.
  9. Said to all of my friends "too small to be an NFL QB" Maybe 5 foot 9 inch. What I didn't know he is not quicker than NFL defenses. ZERO GAME.= -done-
  10. Don't you guys realize already. Geno is a step slow in many areas including: - no quickness for a "running quarterback". - no "on the spot" ability to analyze what is going on with the defense in switch plays - appears to be developing "happy feet" from taking too many hits. He's are QB next year to lead us to the # 1 pick in 2016.
  11. I guess Big Jim should go the college route.
  12. If we play our cards right we will get the #1 pick in 2016
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