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  1. Woe is me! Matt Moore. This is where we are at? Time to jump . Better re-up the club seats!!
  2. Will BB be wearing a ring so Rex can kiss it at the end of Sunday's game?
  3. Brings back old memories of JI
  4. I think UPS B R O W N would be appropriate since they play like @@@@.
  5. Sorry SOJ they are finally moving the draft out of NYC. We don't deserve it anymore.
  6. Thanks Tom Jones I was feeling ill and I got a chuckle out of this
  7. What makes anyone think after today we can look forward to anything by "sh*tty" qb play in 2015? Do you have some sort of secret retread QB that know one else knows about that is going to be theJets QB next yr? *** I am just a long suffering fan. Not trying to bust chops here. Really.***
  8. I knew from the second he was brought in it was just a rental. Who in the world would want to be a New York Jet as the team is currently constituted. ANYONE who thought otherwise was quite foolish. Have a great offseason fans.
  9. Speaking of God, I can't believe I watched this god forsaken awful Jets team all year. May we suck forever and ever.
  10. I love all you guys passion. Thanks for making this site so great!!!
  11. OWNERS OF TENN TITANS going to go whoring tonite!!! YES they must be estatic
  12. rex is a laughing at everyone since he knows he just shoved GENO down everyone throats with this "win" if you can call it a win.
  13. 2 years? Try 7 - 10 years. And maybe we can then get a decent QB
  14. only GAME in Nfl history to end 16-11 Great game Jets and Rex and Woody and IDSIK. Go shower together
  15. This game set back the franchise another 7 years. Thanks Rex.
  16. We have to do something "Jet like" soon or we are going to blow this pick.
  17. Absolutely not - we are just looking out for our best interests in the future. Common sense,
  18. thanks sir. so often people to not come to the rescue of people like me who English is a 2nd language only spoken by lousy announcers on the back up back up back up game on CBS.
  19. Yes the Herminator had to win a meaningless game in OVERTIME in the rain on the last game of the year to DROP FROM 3 TO 6 which led to the waste product Gholston.
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