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  1. I'm on my hands and knees praying. How much did Decker get for 1-stepping out of bounds on the apparent TD ? 2 -dropping a pass Idsik's grandma could catch. ?
  2. HUGE F@CKEN 3 BY SUCKUP (that what it sounded like his name is.)
  3. Yes sir you just said it !!! I TD just demoralized the whole damn fan base.
  4. what a darn second. I got scolded earlier in this thread for saying something like this.
  5. Tennessee may have Bubby Brister at QB for that momentus prime time event.
  6. Maybe he won't get the pick selection in on time. Anything is possible with this group.
  7. Luis Aguirre siting. This game gets more amazing by the second.
  8. It is a bottom of the barrel crew officiating and the TV crew
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