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  1. Sudfeld sighting. for 40 yards Thank god it is being called back/
  2. Bllaal Powell - TD saving tackle on special teams. STOP THAT TACKING NOW.
  3. Well it is a BOTTOM OF THE BARRELL TV CREW. WHAT should we have expected. Steve Berlien is the "name" GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MUCH ANTICIPATION!!!.. They shot their load prior to game. Turn the page on Johnny Football. MAYBE NOT YET?????
  5. It's still advisable to stay with the Japanese. Honda preferably.
  6. For a good reference see ARTHUR BLANK - owner of the Falcons.
  7. As the great and wise BART SCOTT roared at the end of the AFC Playoff game in NE many years ago CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. PSSSSST. D R A F T Winston fellas. please
  9. ok they have Great Young players with something the Jets don't have>>>>>>>>>>>> SPEED !!
  10. I think their is a 50/50 chance. This is ONLY the 4th time in NFL history that a 2-11 team on the road was favored over the home team. We are so amazing we are setting records. Look we were the first team in 50 years to WIN a game with 20 penalties (last year). Anything is possible. Let's pray.
  11. The QUESTION how the @@@@ do we lose this game ?!?!?!?
  12. How in the world do we lose this freak'n game?? We MUST lose !!
  13. SEATTLE IS SUCCESSFUL because 1 - They play in there own stadium that doesn't look like an air condition unit. 2 - Their QB is not a Nit Wit. 3 - They have a rabid fan base. ( We used to. ) 4 - They play in their state Washington ( Not like us in a swamp in Jerzey ) Did I forget something?
  14. Anyone from this site going to apply for the GM job? Pays a fortune and mediocrity is the norm.
  15. MANZIEL IS A WASTE. The NFL will wipe the field with his stupid grin. I don't understand the reason for his notoriety. He is way too small to play with the BIG BOYS.
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