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  1. Jiffy - you are 100% correct. Every Jets game is vital. As the infamous Bart Scott said "CAN'T WAIT".
  2. WINSTON - 2 NCAA titles in the MAKING. HE is the MAN for the JOB !!! Woody loves headlines. Winston will load the back page of every newspaper baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-14 OR even 3-13 god forbid is enough to guarantee he will be there when the Jets draft ON a side note do the Knicks have their #1 pick for 2015?
  3. The JETS play well on Sundays. Both there wins are on SUNDAY AT 1PM. BOOK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. sanchez > mariota Winston > mariota
  5. Geno > Tannehill Vick > Tannehill Sanchez >Tannehill You draft a QB - Going nowhere with #11 I must admit though he has a freakin hot wife !!
  6. Just got home from MetLife - There were so many young Dolphin fans there making noise from the start to the finish. It was about 75-25 Jets Fans vs yet it was the Fish Fans making all the noise. It was a total embarrassment. I can't wait til we get a new GM and COACH and QB . Let's move forward. SO SAD it has become at ugly MetLife.. Geno was made to be a walking stiff handing off all nite. This is our QB of the future.? NOT
  7. Huh? Let's see what happens on MNF first. The turnover king is behind center.
  8. Oakland may trade the pick though to someone who may draft Mariota. Uh huh.
  9. S A R I 's act goes on and on and on. He does make sense most of the time. Other times? EH !
  10. TX - please don't apologize for our misfortune. Just pray that Brady plays for another 10 years.
  11. Well it doesn't seem like most of these not so happy Jets will be coming back in 2015
  12. geno > Mariota another running waste of a QB. Please don't draft this no talent. Would take Winston in a second!!!!
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