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  1. I think everyone will be switching to Fergerson Missouri decision at 9pm. That is where the action will be.
  2. Were you guys expecting a professional crew like IAN EAGLE and GREG BUTTLE?
  3. We are getting beat by KYLE (EFFING) ORTON twice in one year? How much do we suck?????????????????????
  4. This thread like the Jets are off to a S L O W S T A R T zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. VaGiants flush the toilet tonite. Very disappointing to the BLUE fans.
  6. I wish we had #3 with a bullet. TD. Let's see how we fare in DETROIT. The players need to show that they want to wear GREEN next year. Go JETS.
  7. Do you mean the CHRIS JOHNSON will play hard for a change? TO BE CUT SHORTLY AFTER.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if the Jets Bills played the game at HOFSTRA???
  9. The SCOUT sight is pre-historic. Spoken by a former Jets Insider fan.
  10. Chris Johnson is another Jet player that is not coming back next year. SEEYA WASHED UP RB.
  11. We will ButtFumbler as a free agent. Problem solved.
  13. DAVID HARRIS IS SLOW AND HAS BEEN FOR 4 YEARS. He is one of the highest paid LB in the NFL. Any 2nd or 3rd rounder drafter by our Next GM will work.
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