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  1. This is not Jets Insider.com OOPS.
  2. That's the point. There is a 95% chance or higher that Harvin will be a free agent after this year. At least 95% maybe higher than that.
  3. A Seattle reporter said on WFAN today that Harvin is a "POOR ROUTE RUNNER". He is a fly only guy. Aren't you wondering why the JETS were "lucky" to get him? At least there is now a reason to watch JETS/BILL one week from tomorrow.
  4. At least there is a reason to watch JETS BILLS next week.
  5. Bad teams can not win the close games. Maybe next year. BYE REXY. It was a fun 6 years.
  6. MORAL victory. Away we go to the REX PRESS CONF.
  7. Doesn't this remind you of the END OF THE BRONCO GAME???
  8. THEN it would be SIMMS time to bail us out!
  9. Excellent decision not to go 2 so early in the 2nd HALF. REX is getting some smarts.
  10. Happens every week. Why are people surprised. Can you believe 55 secs was enough to march down the field?? REX IS NO DEFENSIVE MIND> so overrated it is not funny.
  11. Points before the HALF again. REX YOU DEFENSE is beyond awful.
  12. What's DAVID HARRIS doing on GRONK????????
  13. please do not leave any time on the clock for BRADY to march down the field. ONE TIME can we not have a TD by the opposition before the HALF.
  14. defense never comes up big this year. this is so frustrating. Shades of HERM.
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