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  1. FGS= LOSS - Doesn't REX know this. I have seen this so many times
  2. If we kick 10 fgs. we will have 30 points
  3. Let the Receiver Dropsies begin. way to go 88
  4. Kraft is actually a very charitable man
  5. How about one fumble recovery by the GREAT D before the season is over.
  6. Will Rex choose to wear a blindfold or will he stare the rifles down like a man?
  7. I guess we have to resign Kerley. At least he can catch.
  8. Bring back the CLOWNEY !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Why not forfeit this game. Save the transportation, hotel and food bill. More money for the trust fund kid.
  10. I can't believe how low the expectations of this franchise has fallen. Terrelle Pryor. GOOD GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was wondering when we are 1-6 after Thursday night against the Pats do we become MORE of a laughing stock?? Just wondering.
  12. People forget the ONE lonely win this year is from the worst team in football the OAKLAND RAIDERS. Even though they gave the Chargers a good run for their money today losing at the end 31-28. WE only created 2 turnovers on Defense all year. Remarkable stat. The Missed INT by Kyle Wilson was notreally his fault. He turn suddenly into the ball and it jumped right on him. Jets lose by 30 on Thursday? Great possibility. 1-15 baby!!!!!! Go for it!! SUCK FOR LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops. Wrong year.
  13. He should sell it to Trump or Cuban or Prokhorov No way TRUMP will ever be accepted into the NFL fraternity. Pipe dream. Trump just loves to see his name in the headlines. (Running for President- pleaaasse no.)
  14. to get to the Point(man) yes his career is basically over.
  15. Let's start a new franchise from scratch. ITEM # 1 NEVER but never draft a collegiate football player with history of injuries.(easy enuff?)
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