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  1. I watched his 2013 youtube highlights. NO ARM. RUNNING QB.
  2. Gambling on football is a crap shoot.
  3. Why due I care what TANNY thinks??? He threw away $ 50 million dollars of Woody's trust fund on Butt Fumble and Holmes.
  4. Don't you get it fellow Jets fans. We are tanking for the #1 pick. See Colts of a few years ago. IT is the ONLY way to the Promised Land. Salvation. Praise the Goodell.
  5. Take it to the BANK !!! I am quitting my job now!!!!
  6. The Sexy Rexy era is over sad to say. My friends and I thought the FAT Rex was a much better coach.
  7. REX is already planning his future gig. Foot fetish porn. It pays!!!
  8. I would love to see Brady and BB lose in the Super Bowl one last time together.
  9. It could be $ 500 million. We would still spend it on the worst talent money could buy. (see Sanchez and Holmes contracts)
  10. If Rex references about how HOT is was out there I am going to the curse the hell out of him next week at the stadium.
  11. Rex will say "you have to hand it to the Chargers. they have a great team. Hats off to them" Rex GO AWAY JUST GO AWAY. Can't wait for his "Rick Kotite" typ presser after the game
  12. Time to TANK for the # 2 PICK. The #1 pick is gone since we had the nerve to Beat the lowly Raiders.
  13. is it because the Jets maybe would have drafted him if the Giants didn't?
  14. RYAN brothers not as good dad BUDDY Ryan.
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