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  1. Mims is replaceable with a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Quinnen isn't. Send Mims.
  2. Oh good. There's hope for Morgan who went to Fashion Institute University.
  3. Tuesday night football makes more sense for players. Thursdays for owners.
  4. This is the Macc way of thinking. Take the safe guy regardless of position. The difference between Sewell's superior RT play, and Fant's adequate RT play, won't improve our team that much. I'd rather take the upgrade between Chase vs Perriman. If we needed a LT, I would say yes to Sewell.
  5. It's crazy for Arizona. Houston should take this immediately.
  6. I like it. Add a real game and kill a preseason game. Extra playoff is good too. I never liked that the #2 seed got a bye.
  7. Murray for Watson straight up is out of left field. Who thinks up this stuff?
  8. Texans might keep Watson if the compensation is too low. We may have to bid against ourselves to reach that.
  9. Not according to some posters. Texans can start Sam and build with the number 2 and they are rebuilt.
  10. Trading three ones for Watson doesn't prevent building the team with the rest of the ammo. Our munitions are abundant.
  11. JuJu's done dancing. He stopped last year and learned his lesson. I really like JuJu's toughness and production. He's Hines Ward. He'll cost us around 16M. We save 11M by cutting Crowder. I do like Crowder, but not for 11M. Can't get enough of this kid. And of course...
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