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  1. The only thing new to me is the Paradis info. Last I heard, Paradis and his agent had no interest in NY and just wanted to shop offers to less urban teams. Was Paridis really considering the Jets?
  2. Guys like Ozzy and Peyton are not coming here. This job is beneath guys like that, This is not a real GM position. This is GM-Lite. Our GM doesn't hire and fire the coaches and he doesn't have the final say on who to draft or get as a FA. He's like a GM consultant. Prediction - We're getting a no-name rookie like we always do.
  3. OR 3. It was spur-of-the-moment-extemporaneous-knee-jerkedness.
  4. This isn't a real GM position like on most teams. This position is GM-lite. I expect only the front office, player personnel type guys will apply. I don't think we'll get an assistant GM type as this GM role isn't much of an upgrade from that.
  5. There's no guarantee of that. The next guy might be worse. It's how we roll.
  6. Hey 80, Quiet down a little. It's late and I can hear you celebrating all the way from Maryland!
  7. Then why couldn't Mangini win with Mangini's guys?
  8. That was dig for the guys here that say Rex won with Mangini's guys.
  9. BS. Parcells fled because he's only about Parcells. Belli fled with Leon's cash in his wallet because he didn't like Woody. The reason we have to hire unqualified people is because the fire everyone. Its a circle jerk.
  10. I was right about everything too.
  11. You know you just complained about how Mac homers attack fans, and then in the next paragraph you attacked fans?
  12. I usually agree with your stuff, but not this. Firing the GM's and coaches is what we do all the time and it's not working. We need stability. Mac was growing into the job and improving. Now we have to start over with another rookie. I've seen this show before, ***spoiler alert*** The new GM and coach will be fired in 3 or 4 years. ***spoiler alert***
  13. Just remember. If Gase ever wins anything.... He did it with Macc's guys. 😉

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