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  1. Houston and Miami are gonna hang 45 on our D. Indy might break the scoreboard.
  2. Hopefully not too late. JD can improve and maybe we can finally have some continuity in the front office. I hope so because the other option is another rookie GM who would hire another rookie defensive-minded coach. Round and round we go.
  3. Fields is awful. Worse than Zach so far.
  4. I didn't like the Gase teams at all and stopped watching. They were boring as hell.
  5. The second one is late. Judon could have pulled up. Also full body weight on Zach's legs. Refs suck.
  6. I'm not impressed. Predicting something bad will happen to the jets is easy. I predict that for the next 10 years we will be rooting for losses by Halloween. There!
  7. I'm still amazed that two highly-paid NFL professionals like Saleh and JD actually fielded a defense like that expecting it to succeed. They had Sherwood, a safety, play the middle against a run first team. I'm just shaking my head at the incompetence.
  8. Zach played ok in one quarter of football. Once he got hurt, we had no chance to score. Let me point out the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Saleh and JD, two highly-paid NFL professionals, trotted out "Darren Lee - The Sequel" in a game against a run heavy team and expected success.
  9. Wilson has talent and can improve. He's no Herbert or Burrow. We get that. But he's not Rosen. It's just way too early to call him a bust. Sam got two full seasons and the start of a third before we knew for sure. Zach gets that.
  10. Zach deserved to be bashed is some of the other games but bashing him for this game screams hidden agenda. Dude played one quarter.
  11. We pay attention to the plan. Thing is - IT"S A sh*tTY PLAN. You can't give up all your decent starters and replace them with future dart-throw draft picks. This isn't the NBA. NFL turnarounds have happened in 2 or 3 years, unless you follow this POS plan.
  12. You can't compare head coach transgressions with players transgressions. Coaches are held to higher standards. There will always be redemption offered to a 22 year old player effing up. No excuse for a 50 year old coach.
  13. The comparisons to Allen's and Lamar's early struggles are encouraging. Both of their coaches altered their offenses to play to their strengths. Let's see if our boy geniuses do something to help Zach.
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