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  1. Lamar especially contributed to the tank! Thanks Lamar!
  2. LOL we always love these guys is right! I didn't know these UDFA's can get paid a bonus, setting up a small bidding war. Yeboah (TE) got 200K; Dunn (CB) $185K. It's better to be not drafted - earn some guaranteed cash or sign with a team weak at your position.
  3. I'll settle for competitive games against Buf and Mia. We should kick NE's asses twice.
  4. Dang! Q's wife is smokin' and built! Hope she doesn't break anything else.
  5. Remember when Vince Young scored a 6 on the Wonderlic?
  6. Mobile QB's are causing changes too. The Chargers successfully played a 3-1-7 against the Ravens in the wild card a few years ago. I'm very interested to see what kind of D, Saleh plays - jetsafetydance
  7. Hmm can't find anything... I swear I heard it on ESPN before my 3rd beer!
  8. Medical - Bad hip at first... then reports of him being "strange" in interviews. Someone mentioned it on ESPN that he did not interview well. I can't find a source... looking.
  9. Ahhh. It was the biggest mystery of the first day, now solved. At least with Teven, we knew the reason - he's nuts :-). JOK went to Lamar Jackson's division. No doubt the Browns are thinking this is their shadow guy. Can't wait to see how he does in that role.
  10. Just need Zach to be decent and we'll be competing in 3 years. Just Rivers/Stafford decent - mid to low teens QB ranking is all. Anything better from Zach would be amazing.
  11. HB to the King of Corn, From a fellow night owl.
  12. I really want to find out if Mims can dance.
  13. Moore may have the ability to play outside. He's been compared to Steve Smith in that way. Gives us lots of versatility.
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