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  1. dcJet

    Another Hypothetical

    This is dumb. A trade to three means you like three QB's. No iffy's.
  2. Rob Rang: “There are a lot of very intelligent football fans out there, sitting on couches, who can essentially do the same job I do, just as far as evaluating players. If you watch enough football, you can recognize a good player fairly quickly.” Rang says the JN GM'ers are as good as the pros. BTW, Rang has it Allen, Darnold, Rosen.
  3. dcJet

    Mark Sanchez suspended for PEDs

    I think the opposite. I can understand borderline guys taking a roid to make the league but not established guys who risk ruining their reputation.
  4. dcJet

    2018 NFL Draft Bold Predictions

    JN cheers every pick.
  5. dcJet

    RGIII is back

    The pistol read option was revolutionary, until it wasn't. Alfred Morris, a plodding 6th rounder, broke the team record with 1,613 rushing yards and 13 TDs beating out guys like Clinton Portis and John Riggins and one of my personal favorite all time RB's -Larry Brown. Washington lead the league in rushing but it was all scheme. Defensive ends couldn't defend the play even though they weren't being blocked but the one thing NFL coaches are good at, is watching film and taking away what you do best. They started taking away the hand off and getting shots at the QB and there was no counter move available with RG III. He is what he is.
  6. dcJet

    RGIII is back

    That dude revolutionized the game... until the opposing coaches caught up.
  7. Obviously, Cooks doesn't like the cock.
  8. Nice Macc bashing. He deserves most of this for sure. Let's see if he improves. So far this year he's off to a good start - tanking the roster for the 6th pick, trading for the extra 2nd rounder and trading to three in the draft. All very bold and well done moves. Now he has to hit the pick. I've said this before, he was a rookie GM and he is getting better after a couple years of learning. He learned on our dime, so lets not be in a hurry to toss him, because the next rookie GM will make the same rookie mistakes and we repeat the same cycle over and over. If Macc hits on the QB this year, all is forgiven.
  9. This math got complicated. (Rookie QB plus Adams) vs (Watson plus (3 draft picks this year)). This equation works in Macc's favor only if Rook is waaaaay better than Watson and I'm not betting on that because Watson, barring injury, is a can't miss star IMO.
  10. dcJet

    My top 3 mock

    LOL, that's old JI sh!t! It sucked then. Labeling divides us.
  11. dcJet

    My top 3 mock

    No hostility Jet Bro. We all want the same results. We just have friendly disagreements on how we get there.
  12. Hey I like to see a nice hit, like back in the day when Shade Tree would knock MF'ers out, but that was face to face, man to man. A full speed helmet to the head while the receiver has his back turned and is focused on the football, is not heroic. It takes no talent and it's cowardly.
  13. Courageous would be taking them on when you are face to face. Spearing them in the back when they are jumping to catch a pass is gutless. Any scrub can do that. Not these guys you posted, but gutless DB's spear a receiver after getting beat for 20 yards and COWER when an RB turns the corner at them.

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