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  1. The week before that game, the Jets played an absolute stinker in the home opener on a Thursday night against New England. That was the game where Freeman dislocated his elbow. One of the more gruesome injuries to ever watch on replay. I hated that Jets killing scrubby scumbag Craig James and still do.
  2. That was the first game I ever missed as a season ticket holder since '79. What a bad decision that was. I had just moved that month to Belmar, NJ across the street from the beach. I woke up that morning, saw the beach and said "ef-it" I'm not going. My buddies never let me live it down. It's still one of my biggest regrets as a Jets fan. The other was tossing my Campbell's soup paper painter's hat into the upper deck bonfire. I still wish I had that hat.
  3. I felt the same way about Tiger. No rivals to consistently challenge him.
  4. As a fan, I wouldn't mind having the regular season start later and end later. There's a sports void in February and the weather is too nice to be in a bar at 9 AM on September Sundays waiting for that 1PM kickoff.
  5. Our season usually ends before Halloween so anything that extends our season, is good with me.
  6. Becton can't jump out of a swimming pool. There's that.
  7. And meanwhile, all his former QB's are complaining that they played with garbage at WR.
  8. One episode of this series was filmed in Florida. It was called "Do Your [Hand] Job"
  9. I remember scalping tickets for like $5 a piece for the upper deck. The place was empty because the Skins sucked and it was December. It reminded me of the Shea games. 😀 Poor Redskins fans. They have had it as bad as us.
  10. Holy sh*t! I was at that game in RFK. Washington was pathetic, us too except for friggin' Johnny Johnson. That dude had a great year. Lanky, long stride, soft hands. I took my new girlfriend to the game with 2 of my buddies. It was cold as sh*t. On the way out walking down the ramp, I saw my old girlfriend on a date with some guy. She called me later that week. Yeah...

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