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  1. Watson was the pick to make, not Mahomes. I remember everyone had Watson rated higher. Even Lupz27 thought 6 was too high for Mahomes.
  2. Did some research on my question. This was interesting. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/03/07/league-reminds-teams-of-rules-for-three-day-negotiating-period/
  3. Question for you guys... how does the bidding process go for a top player? Say the Jets bid high for Cousins and his agent says I have a higher bid from Cleveland. How do the Jets know that the agent isn't telling a lie? Is it ethics that keeps the bidding honest?
  4. Not true. Not picking a QB is an evaluation of that QB. Mac passed on Lynch, Watson and Mahomes so far. And development? Gimme a break. Petty and Hack are Geno are un-develop-able.
  5. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    This mock can't be true... I read on JetNation that every QB will be gone by 6.
  6. Jets can offer to set up a side business for Cousins selling nutrients and diet and training advice. They can also offer to tape opponent's defensive signals so he knows what defense is coming. And why not offer a personal ball coach to "customize" his game footballs.
  7. I remember cringing watching Freeman dislocate his elbow in slow motion. Most gruesome injury i had seen at the time. That sight sticks in my head to this day.
  8. Shade Tree. Man, he could knock dudes out.
  9. This is worthy of it's own thread. I'll take a winning and entertaining season as more than blah. AFC Champ loss > blah 10 win Fitz season and beating NE at home > blah last year = blah
  10. Health counts. Cousins consistently delivers. The Min QB's don't.
  11. I disagree completely with your plan. Attracting good FA's around a rookie QB is naive. The good FA's are not going to take our money. We'll only end up with a bunch of overpaid, middle-tier, Skriners like before. First you get the QB... then you get the power.. and then, you get the Free Agents.
  12. The fix should be simple..

    The Saints fans don't give a sh!t that they didn't draft Brees. Same with other free agent QB's that had success like Jake Delhomme, Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and list goes on. If Cousins balls for us, we'll get over it.
  13. The fix should be simple..

    Come on man! Cousins has done WAY more than any other available option at QB. He'll immediately be the best QB we've had in decades and no better FA will be available in decades. I'd rather give him the money than a bunch or Skriners.
  14. Adams was over-hyped for sure. Best player in the draft? I don't think so. I like him and he should improve but I wish we had Watson instead. Where did all the Adams hype come from?
  15. The fix should be simple..

    Great plan. Too bad the free agents have a say where they go.