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  1. The Jets haven't run an exciting offensive scheme since the Fitzmagic year. I really hope this offense is watchable this year.
  2. It's not a good look for Saleh is all. Comes off as elitist. Get in line at the tunnel and wait like the rest of us.
  3. The trooper who escorted Saleh and his kids didn’t even alert the Port Authority Police Department or the NYPD to the convoy, the agencies said. One police car is a convoy?
  4. Jaguars forget to blur out draft board, showing a WR with same grade as Trevor Lawrence Eric Edholm Fri, May 21, 2021, 5:25 PM In this article: Jacksonville Jaguars NFL|4th AFC South
  5. Lawrence 8.0, Zach 7.0. AVT 7.5 Perennial all pro talent Moore year 1 quality starter
  6. Herbert isn't ROY with Gase and Jets but he's not ranked 30th either. IMO, this argument is like 80/20. 80% is the QB player talent. 20% is coach and weaponz. Herbert on last years Jets would have had top 15 QB numbers.
  7. Yes to different results from different coaches. My experience is tennis. New coach fixed me in five minutes; had tons of effort with old coach and nothing clicked. Golf coaches is like that too.
  8. I don't care about wins this year. Seeing a well run team with young coaches and players that hustle and compete and care will be enough for me. You can tell when something good is happening. The Knicks were 11-15 and we all knew things were different this time.
  9. Home opener Belicheat. Yikes. Belicheat's record against rookie QB's will be flashed on the screen all game long. Jim Nance will drone on and on and on about it.
  10. We win 31-10. Sammy torches us for 160 yards 1td, 2ints and a fumble. Matt Rhule says "My fault, Sam's only 20 years old and needs better blocking and better weaponz and better coaching". Tailgate kicks ass.
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